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All About RunThatTrack... F1 running for charity...
The following page will give you more details on what we’re all about and where we’ve come from, if you still have some questions then feel free to contact me here...

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  • What the site is about....
    The RunThatTrack concept was conceived over a few drinks at a bar during the 2009 season. Several events and bars later the idea had fully taken hold and grown into a world of its own. The idea was simple, take the act of running to the next level by enabling the F1 community to use the tracks on their doorsteps around the world. We know the F1 paddock contains a competitive bunch, so why not also invite participation and allow competition to be analysed (and strange conclusions drawn) by people who really should be doing other things!

    Originally developed as bit of a prank, the popularity soon took off in 2010 and the project soon developed characters and a personality of its own.

    In 2011, the new season and a new website with UBS joining as "Official Partner", an important position they maintain to this day. Through UBS we were able to add a charitable element to the concept. With its support the site grew, more importantly perhaps, $192,100 USD was raised and donated to Make-A-Wish in a single year.

    For 2012 the tradition carried on in the full F1 style with a launch of a new website. Following the popularity of the Group Runs, the ever-evolving site saw the introduction of the TrackMap, MKL's Track Guide and a special RunThatTrack Podcast Mix by Dejan Dj. Spurred on by these features the runners joined together and added another $290,000 USD to the charity total.

    Winter testing in 2013 and yet another new site developed, this is F1 after all! The new format enabled Make–A-Wish to share examples of the great wishes they granted with the money donated. Enabling this work, a further $380,000 USD was added with runners completing 5,000 laps (over 28,000km) across the season.

    2014 marked the complete rebuild of the site to it's current layout and we're proud to say that we passed the magic and remarkable $1 million USD mark for donations to the amazing Make-A-Wish Foundation. We finished the season with over 280 participants taking part in a truly epic Group Run, raising over $275,000 USD for the season.

    2015 and RunThatTrack continued to grow with the site having a fairly major back-end overhaul in time for the Australian GP. After five years, and more than $1 million USD raised for Make-A-Wish Foundation, the chosen charity changed for 2015 to the UBS Optimus Foundation, supporting underprivileged children in Bangladesh, Ghana and South Africa. The outcome? More than $220,000 USD raised across the season.

    Here we are, 2016 and the evolution of the site continues with a shift in focus on how the UBS supported donation total is generated. Like everything in F1 the site has not stood still and continues to evolve and launch new features and concepts as our little running community grows.
    Who can get involved with RunThatTrack
    RunThatTrack was designed and developed primarily for those of us who are active in the F1 community and especially those who work trackside during the F1 World Championship. Due to security and health and safety reasons, access to an F1 track is only available to those people who carry an official F1 accreditation pass.

    If you're new to RunThatTrack and would like to get involved, you can find more information here. Unfortunately RunThatTrack cannot provide track access or credentials to any person or organisation (as much as we would love to be able to), sorry.
    UBS and RunThatTrack
    We’ve called them out a few times but they really do deserve a special mention.

    The whole thing started in the winter of 2010 when I was approached by UBS with a simple question, "How could they help RunThatTrack to make a charitable difference to a worthwhile organisation?". I thought Make-A-Wish would be appropriate as we have all been lucky enough to follow our F1 dreams, so it's nice to be able to help others less fortunate to maybe realise some of their dreams.

    UBS agreed with this idea and immediately offered to donate money to Make-A-Wish on behalf of the runners of RunThatTrack. From that initial conversation, the idea has grown and grown to the point where over $1,350,000 USD has been donated. That figure says it all – magnificent!

    Björn Wäspe, Head of Brand Activation, Sponsorship & Events, said:
    "UBS is proud to be a Global Partner of Formula 1 and we feel it is important to support the communities in which we are present. RunThatTrack is an inspiring part of the F1 way of life and we are happy to associate ourselves with it."

    You can find more information about UBS by visiting their website here or their F1 Microsite here.
    Contact Me
    I'd love to hear from you so if you have any ideas, suggestions, problems or anything else send me an email; everything here come from your ideas, so keep them coming. I can be contacted anytime via email at
    Media Enquiries
    From time to time I get media enquiries requesting further details on what RunThatTrack is all about along with requests for interviews for magazine articles etc.

    I'm more then happy to help with any media enquiries, and have a great team at JMI helping me, so between them and I we should be able to accommodate any request. Drop me an email at for more details.
    Special Thanks...
    On behalf of all the RunThatTrack supporters I would like to say a very special thank you to UBS for their involvement.

    I would also like to personally thank the team at JMI for bringing together UBS, our Official Partner, and RunThatTrack as well as taking care of all the significant legal, marketing and corporate matters. Thank you very much!