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RunThatTrack F1 Points World Championship 2016
F1 is all about speed and performance and simply who is the fastest. So naturally we use F1 World Drivers Championship points system to calculate the RunThatTrack F1 Runners and Constructors Championship Tables. So how exactly does the F1 points system work for this?

For each GP of the season (except for Monaco - for safety reasons), all of the laps for each event are tabulated and sorted by fastest runner, the fastest runner gets the most points, the 2nd fastest the 2nd most points etc all the way down to 10th place. The points are awarded as per the F1 Championship regulations, with places rewarded in a 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 sequence.

Only the fastest individual entry from each runner is considered so that no runner can score more than 25 points per event. A cumulative total is maintained throughout the year and the individual runner with the highest points by the season end will be crowned the 2016 RunThatTrack F1 World Champion.

The calculation of the Constructors championship works along much the same lines, with the slight difference that the points are awarded to the team that the runner represents. This way, it is possible for a single team to be awarded multiple points for each event, for example if Red Bull had runners in positions 4, 7 and 8, then Red Bull would score 12+6+4 = 22 points for that event. Once again a running total is kept for each team with the Championship order determining the 2016 RunThatTrack Constructors Champion.

P Team Points
1 Haas 496
2 Mercedes 361
3 Williams 348
4 McLaren 327
5 Red Bull 261
6 Sky Sports F1 55
7 28
8 Toro Rosso 26
9 MESL 21
10 FOM 17