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RunThatTrack and UBS - partners since 2011
RunThatTrack is extremely proud of its charitable involvement with UBS. Since the start of the 2011 season, UBS has been generously donating on behalf of the RunThatTrack community to a range of amazing charities. Initially supporting the incredible Make-A-Wish Foundation, RunThatTrack raised over $1,100,000 USD to help those children in need. For the 2015 season our focus shifted to three of the UBS Optimus Foundation’s projects, supporting vulnerable children in Bangladesh, Ghana and South Africa.

Since it’s inception, RunThatTrack has raised a remarkable $1,350,000 USD thanks to the generous support of UBS, and for 2016 our little running community is committed to keep pushing that donation total higher. Knowing that every lap we complete helps a child in need is the driving factor in ensuring we get round that lap!
The Supported Charity for 2016
For 2016 we are again supporting the UBS Optimus Foundation, specifically the Boxgirls Clubs program in South African townships.

The Boxgirls Clubs program is an initiative setup to teach South African township girls to box in order to increase their self confidence and self-efficacy. Statistics show that life in South Africian townships is particularly hard for teen aged girls, with 39% of females in the Western Cape Province alone experiencing gender based violence, while 10% of all reported rape cases in South Africa are against children under 12. Townships are notoriously under resourced, with poverty a key risk factor to violence and crime. Victims school attendance and performance are adversely effected by sexual violence, and programs like Boxgirls Clubs are aiming to reduce the cycle of violence and improve the lives of those girls and their families.

The Boxgirls Clubs program was originally developed at the Freie University in Berlin and has been replicated in Kenya. As a result of the program, the girls develop increased self confidence, are better equipped to deal with and de-escalate violent situations, and school attendance and performance has improved as a result. With the support of the UBS Optimus Foundation and RunThatTrack the program is now ready to be piloted in South Africa.

We’re continuously looking at ways to evolve the RunThatTrack programme, and for the sixth year of our partnership with UBS we've decided to develop the donation mechanic slightly. In past years the donation system has been based on a per lap run basis, for this year we are simplifying the system and at the same time providing an F1 paddock wide target; to unlock the UBS Optimus Foundation donation, as a paddock group we need to run and register 2,500 laps.

Looking at the target, 2,500 laps was chosen as a benchmark figure that poses a challenge but is certainly obtainable for the RunThatTrack community. For each year during our UBS partnership, our little running community has easily surpassed this figure (we are almost on a 3000 lap/year average), so hitting the magic 2500 mark should not be a problem. We've updated to homepage to now include the current lap tally for the year, along with a breakdown of the number of laps required to unlock the charity donation, and we'll be sure to include an update in each of the news items and emails that we send out. So, with all that, let's get out and hit the track, for 2016 it really is a case of #UBSEveryLapCounts

If you'd more details on what RunThatTrack is all about and where we’ve come from, you can visit this page!