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The 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix
The 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix The 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix, Sun 27 Nov 2011
Circuit : Autódromo José Carlos Pace, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Full Lap distance 4.309km, installation lap distance 4.24km
Lap Record 13m 40s set by Magda Silva, set in 2013

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The 2011 Lap Table - with Deltas
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P Name Team Date Lap Times Time Diff Best Pace Pace Diff
1 A. Permane Lotus Nov 26 10m 00s 2m 19s
Comment/excuse: Very satisfying to run past Thommo just before the line.... :)
2 M. Kingston-Lee Nov 26 15m 13s +5m 13s 3m 31s +1m 12s/km
Comment/excuse: I'd like to thank: my wife and daughter; UBS; Simon; Sutton Images; hotel room mates who put up with me rising early for runs; Kenilworth Runners; and anyone else I forgot to mention. Great event, great year. Many Thanks!
3 D. Schloesser Mercedes Nov 27 15m 59s +0m 46s 3m 42s +0m 10s/km
Comment/excuse: 2 Laps Sunday after the race, 1st lap waiting for my gps signal and 2nd lap I wanted to get to know the feeling of suffering at the last hill... I think Simon can be very proud of his idea for this site and UBS donating so much money for Make-A-Wish-Foundation! Thank you!
4 C. Pilbeam Red Bull Nov 26 16m 19s +0m 20s 3m 47s +0m 04s/km
5 V. Fournier Total Nov 26 16m 41s +0m 22s 3m 52s +0m 05s/km
Comment/excuse: Interlagos was my last group run as I'm retiring from F1 next year :( But I'll remember my first kilometer here done in 3'09 and leading MKL, the good fight with Ciaron and Riccardo, and the pain I went through the last 600m... Shame Daniel could not make it ! I am happy to have dragged TOTAL on the podium with my friend Louis. Thanks to all the people that made it possible (Simon & UBS) but as well all the runners with who we fought hard all year long (Ciaron, Louis, Alex, Christoph, Simon...). Wish you a good winter training and be strong in 2012 to put an end to the MKL supremacy !!
6 C. Pilbeam Red Bull Nov 23 16m 46s +0m 05s 3m 53s +0m 01s/km
7 R. Musconi Mercedes Nov 26 16m 52s +0m 06s 3m 54s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: See u next year, it's been a pleasure folks!
8 V. Fournier Total Nov 25 16m 55s +0m 03s 3m 55s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: I don't know whether it's cheating, strategic, dumb or really necessary, but I pushed so hard in the fist 2k that I had to walk 20s in the last hill to recharge batteries (of course, during that time, the clock was running....!). The group run might help to compensate those 20s walk...We'll see...
9 C. Leitold FanVision Nov 26 17m 03s +0m 08s 3m 57s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: Thanks UBS and gratulation to the guys in front of me!!! Hope to see you once again on track. It was a pleasure and fun :-)
10 T. Clarkson Other Nov 26 17m 03s* +0m 00s 4m 01s +0m 03s/km
Comment/excuse: Awesome effort all round. Thanks UBS - an Utterly Brilliant Scheme!!
11 L. Plancq Total Nov 27 17m 07s +0m 04s 3m 58s +0m -02s/km
12 A. Molina Other Nov 26 17m 10s +0m 03s 3m 59s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: I think the long season has affected the will to fight!! Not a very good time probably not helped by the fact that we ate half a cow the night before!! Anyway, wish all a good (short) winter season, and looking forward (or may be not just now) to seeing you all on the starting light in Oz...Thanks to UBS to make this all happen...
13 M. Kingston-Lee Nov 25 18m 06s
17m 58s
17m 13s*
+0m 03s 4m 03s +0m 04s/km
Comment/excuse: Three laps (18:06, 17:58, 17:13) final lap run the wrong way round. Heart rate scarily high on the hills! Saturday is going to be tough...
14 L. O'Rourke Marussia Nov 26 17m 23s +0m 10s 4m 02s +0m -01s/km
Comment/excuse: Legs felt ok again tonight, can't wait to start the winter cycling programme again though. Fantastic effort to everyone for there running this year! Shout out to Barney for the most cash raised.
15 D. Markham Red Bull Nov 26 17m 35s +0m 12s 4m 04s +0m 02s/km
16 D. Harlow Force India Nov 28 17m 38s
19m 00s
19m 30s
+0m 03s 4m 05s +0m 00s/km
17 L. Stevenson Red Bull Nov 26 17m 38s +0m 00s 4m 05s +0m 00s/km
18 D. Bewley MESL Nov 27 17m 39s +0m 01s 4m 05s +0m 00s/km
19 R. Batchelor Nov 26 17m 47s +0m 08s 4m 07s +0m 01s/km
20 G. Woodin Red Bull Nov 26 17m 53s +0m 06s 4m 09s +0m 01s/km
21 D. Markham Red Bull Nov 23 17m 55s +0m 02s 4m 09s +0m 00s/km
22 P. Bonnington Mercedes Nov 26 17m 55s +0m 00s 4m 09s +0m 00s/km
23 T. Ross Mercedes Nov 26 17m 59s +0m 04s 4m 10s +0m 00s/km
24 J. Scott Lotus Nov 26 18m 00s +0m 01s 4m 10s +0m 00s/km
25 J. Butski McLaren Nov 26 19m 53s
18m 01s
+0m 01s 4m 10s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Had to leave before the big race but still did a nice Couple of laps with Mikey Muscles... Great job guys with raising so much cash for Make a Wish foundation.. Cheers JB
26 M. Collier McLaren Nov 27 19m 53s
18m 01s
+0m 00s 4m 10s +0m 00s/km
27 R. Musconi Mercedes Nov 23 18m 09s +0m 08s 4m 12s +0m 01s/km
28 L. Stevenson Red Bull Nov 23 18m 13s +0m 04s 4m 13s +0m 00s/km
29 D. Bewley MESL Nov 25 18m 15s +0m 02s 4m 14s +0m 00s/km
30 G. Woodin Red Bull Nov 23 18m 15s +0m 00s 4m 14s +0m 00s/km
31 O. Janssen Red Bull Nov 26 18m 17s +0m 02s 4m 14s +0m 00s/km
32 Y. Gleyo Caterham Nov 28 18m 22s +0m 05s 4m 15s +0m 01s/km
33 E. Hewett Red Bull Nov 26 18m 23s +0m 01s 4m 15s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Thanks for a fun year... pre-season starts Tuesday!
34 M. Temple McLaren Nov 26 18m 25s +0m 02s 4m 16s +0m 00s/km
35 R. Batchelor Nov 24 18m 26s +0m 01s 4m 16s +0m 00s/km
36 R. Wickens Marussia Nov 24 18m 26s* +0m 00s 4m 20s +0m 04s/km
37 M. Hug Sauber Nov 26 18m 29s +0m 03s 4m 17s +0m -03s/km
38 A. Latham McLaren Nov 28 18m 30s +0m 01s 4m 17s +0m 00s/km
39 I. Rueda Lotus Nov 28 18m 40s +0m 10s 4m 19s +0m 02s/km
40 P. Davison Marussia Nov 26 18m 40s +0m 00s 4m 19s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Thank you Simon and UBS
41 L. Plancq Total Nov 24 18m 41s
21m 26s
+0m 01s 4m 20s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: 1st lap : 18'41 ; 2nd lap : 21'26... saving legs for saturday ;)
42 S. Cramp Caterham Nov 26 18m 45s +0m 04s 4m 21s +0m 00s/km
43 E. Hewett Red Bull Nov 23 18m 53s +0m 08s 4m 22s +0m 01s/km
44 O. Fairclough Red Bull Nov 27 18m 58s +0m 05s 4m 24s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: Cheers Mr Harvey.
45 B. Waterhouse Sauber Nov 26 21m 01s
19m 06s
+0m 08s 4m 25s +0m 01s/km
46 G. Rocquelin Red Bull Nov 27 19m 11s +0m 05s 4m 27s +0m 01s/km
47 Y. Fargeon Total Nov 27 19m 20s +0m 09s 4m 29s +0m 02s/km
48 T. Stallard McLaren Nov 27 19m 23s +0m 03s 4m 29s +0m 00s/km
49 M. Hug Sauber Nov 23 19m 29s +0m 06s 4m 31s +0m 01s/km
50 A. Reid Mercedes Nov 26 19m 29s +0m 00s 4m 31s +0m 00s/km
51 C. Leitold FanVision Nov 23 19m 30s
20m 46s
22m 06s
+0m 01s 4m 31s +0m 00s/km
52 A. Stobart Lotus Nov 26 19m 30s +0m 00s 4m 31s +0m 00s/km
53 M. Harre Marussia Nov 25 19m 30s +0m 00s 4m 31s +0m 00s/km
54 G. Gannon Marussia Nov 26 19m 36s +0m 06s 4m 32s +0m 01s/km
55 M. Dempsey Caterham Nov 26 19m 36s +0m 00s 4m 32s +0m 00s/km
56 P. Vidal Meteo France Nov 26 19m 38s +0m 02s 4m 33s +0m 00s/km
57 C. Malbranque TF1 Nov 26 19m 40s +0m 02s 4m 33s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: No group run :( But a lap alone
58 S. Hamilton Mercedes Nov 26 19m 44s +0m 04s 4m 34s +0m 00s/km
59 B. Waspe UBS Nov 27 19m 47s +0m 03s 4m 35s +0m 00s/km
60 A. Rees UBS Nov 27 19m 47s +0m 00s 4m 35s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Great turn out, well done everyone, hope we hit that 200k target! Thank you to Bjoern for dragging me and my sorry Mo around and ensuring that Olly stayed in my wake!
61 R. Reeve Caterham Nov 26 19m 48s +0m 01s 4m 35s +0m 00s/km
62 G. Rocquelin Red Bull Nov 24 19m 48s +0m 00s 4m 35s +0m 00s/km
63 K. Hemmant Caterham Nov 26 19m 50s +0m 02s 4m 36s +0m 00s/km
64 J. Batchelor EM Motorsport Nov 26 19m 50s +0m 00s 4m 36s +0m 00s/km
65 O. Richards Cosworth Nov 26 19m 50s +0m 00s 4m 36s +0m 00s/km
66 T. Bush Mercedes Nov 26 19m 50s +0m 00s 4m 36s +0m 00s/km
67 D. Pugh Lotus Nov 26 19m 52s +0m 02s 4m 36s +0m 00s/km
68 O. Janssen Red Bull Nov 25 19m 55s +0m 03s 4m 37s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Warm up lap for Saturday.
69 D. Broadhead Red Bull Nov 26 19m 55s +0m 00s 4m 37s +0m 00s/km
70 L. De Angelis EM Motorsport Nov 28 20m 00s +0m 05s 4m 38s +0m 01s/km
71 B. Nichols Lotus Nov 26 20m 00s +0m 00s 4m 38s +0m 00s/km
72 S. Davis Marussia Nov 27 20m 04s +0m 04s 4m 39s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Let's do it all again next year
73 O. Mitchell Other Nov 27 20m 06s +0m 02s 4m 39s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Altitude + hills = bad times
74 P. Davison Marussia Nov 24 20m 06s +0m 00s 4m 39s +0m 00s/km
75 G. Gannon Marussia Nov 24 20m 07s +0m 01s 4m 40s +0m 00s/km
76 J. Webb Mercedes Nov 28 20m 10s +0m 03s 4m 40s +0m 00s/km
77 C. Hill McLaren Nov 26 20m 10s +0m 00s 4m 40s +0m 00s/km
78 S. Pett Mercedes Nov 26 20m 12s +0m 02s 4m 41s +0m 00s/km
79 L. Charniaux Nov 24 20m 14s +0m 02s 4m 41s +0m 00s/km
80 L. Jones Mercedes Nov 26 20m 23s +0m 09s 4m 43s +0m 02s/km
81 B. Whitwham Mercedes Nov 26 20m 26s +0m 03s 4m 44s +0m 00s/km
82 G. Nolte Mercedes Nov 25 20m 28s* +0m 02s 4m 49s +0m 05s/km
83 R. Goncalves Other Nov 28 20m 30s +0m 02s 4m 45s +0m -04s/km
Comment/excuse: It was my first lap this year and I am very happy for this opportunity. I would like to thank you my friend Luis Fernando Ramos who invited me. I expect my company (Petrobras) to return to F1 in a very near future and I will attend more runs. Thank you to everybody. Please include Brazil in the nationalities (we were 4 there)
84 P. Prew McLaren Nov 26 20m 31s +0m 01s 4m 45s +0m 00s/km
85 L. O'Rourke Marussia Nov 24 20m 34s +0m 03s 4m 46s +0m 00s/km
86 Y. Fargeon Total Nov 25 20m 38s +0m 04s 4m 47s +0m 00s/km
87 S. Lock Caterham Nov 26 20m 39s +0m 01s 4m 47s +0m 00s/km
88 A. Permane Lotus Nov 26 20m 40s +0m 01s 4m 47s +0m 00s/km
89 S. Birnie FanVision Nov 25 20m 40s +0m 00s 4m 47s +0m 00s/km
90 G. Roughton Caterham Nov 27 20m 40s +0m 00s 4m 47s +0m 00s/km
91 S. Drake Other Nov 26 20m 41s +0m 01s 4m 48s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Painful - 1000m altitude plus elevation changes meant it hurt in lungs and legs
92 J. Snape McLaren Nov 26 20m 41s +0m 00s 4m 48s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: As the official representative of Men's Fitness UK at the Brazilian GP, I'd like to say it was a pleasure to run with you all. As for my excuse, I'd done a V02 max on the bike two days beforehand - does that count?
93 P. Vidal Meteo France Nov 24 20m 45s +0m 04s 4m 48s +0m 00s/km
94 C. Hills Marussia Nov 26 20m 45s +0m 00s 4m 48s +0m 00s/km
95 A. Bell Mercedes Nov 26 20m 49s +0m 04s 4m 49s +0m 00s/km
96 M. Hutcheson HRT Nov 26 20m 50s +0m 01s 4m 50s +0m 00s/km
97 V. Fournier Total Nov 24 20m 54s +0m 04s 4m 51s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Warm-up lap that already made me suffer at this pace ! Was really hot out there ... I'm still not fully recovered and saturday I might be nowhere :(
98 A. Shovlin Mercedes Nov 26 20m 55s +0m 01s 4m 51s +0m 00s/km
99 A. Alves Other Nov 29 21m 00s +0m 05s 4m 52s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: Thank you for the opportunity to participate. That was my very first time at the event. Looking forward for next year. Hope you keep doing this amazing race!
100 S. Crooks McLaren Nov 27 21m 03s +0m 03s 4m 53s +0m 00s/km
101 C. Malbranque TF1 Nov 24 21m 11s
22m 52s
+0m 08s 4m 54s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: 2 laps : 21'11 + 22'52
102 J. Batchelor EM Motorsport Nov 24 21m 11s +0m 00s 4m 54s +0m 00s/km
103 L. De Angelis EM Motorsport Nov 24 21m 11s +0m 00s 4m 54s +0m 00s/km
104 B. Waterhouse Sauber Nov 23 21m 13s
21m 37s
+0m 02s 4m 55s +0m 00s/km
105 M. Hutcheson HRT Nov 24 21m 15s +0m 02s 4m 55s +0m 00s/km
106 S. Lock Caterham Nov 22 21m 15s +0m 00s 4m 55s +0m 00s/km
107 P. Ward McLaren Nov 27 21m 16s +0m 01s 4m 56s +0m 00s/km
108 D. Kalisz LAT Nov 27 21m 19s +0m 03s 4m 56s +0m 00s/km
109 B. Whitwham Mercedes Nov 25 21m 20s +0m 01s 4m 57s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: 19/19
110 A. KOMATSU Nov 27 21m 20s +0m 00s 4m 57s +0m 00s/km
111 C. Wright Cosworth Nov 26 21m 21s +0m 01s 4m 57s +0m 00s/km
112 P. Ganderton Red Bull Nov 26 21m 25s +0m 04s 4m 58s +0m 00s/km
113 F. Foster Lotus Nov 26 21m 25s +0m 00s 4m 58s +0m 00s/km
114 C. Hills Marussia Nov 27 21m 25s +0m 00s 4m 58s +0m 00s/km
115 T. Robinson Mercedes Nov 28 21m 26s +0m 01s 4m 58s +0m 00s/km
116 M. Lenton Red Bull Nov 26 21m 27s +0m 01s 4m 58s +0m 00s/km
117 M. Shepherd Mercedes Nov 27 21m 28s +0m 01s 4m 58s +0m 00s/km
118 J. Moore Lotus Nov 26 21m 29s +0m 01s 4m 59s +0m 00s/km
119 O. Richards Cosworth Nov 24 21m 30s +0m 01s 4m 59s +0m 00s/km
120 C. Fisher Lotus Nov 27 21m 39s +0m 09s 5m 01s +0m 02s/km
121 N. Alcock Lotus Nov 26 21m 41s +0m 02s 5m 01s +0m 00s/km
122 P. Vidal Meteo France Nov 22 21m 45s +0m 04s 5m 02s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: So the latest track, but not the easiest! Such hilly and windy.
123 S. Green Mercedes Nov 26 21m 48s +0m 03s 5m 03s +0m 00s/km
124 M. Josic FIA Nov 26 21m 57s +0m 09s 5m 05s +0m 02s/km
125 Y. Fargeon Total Nov 24 21m 59s +0m 02s 5m 06s +0m 00s/km
126 N. Hill Mercedes Nov 26 22m 00s +0m 01s 5m 06s +0m 00s/km
127 S. Selva Ferrari Nov 26 22m 03s +0m 03s 5m 07s +0m 00s/km
128 A. Stevenson Force India Nov 27 22m 05s +0m 02s 5m 07s +0m 00s/km
129 L. Kreimendahl Hispania Nov 26 22m 05s +0m 00s 5m 07s +0m 00s/km
130 M. Parker Mercedes Nov 26 22m 09s +0m 04s 5m 08s +0m 00s/km
131 T. Graham MESL Nov 26 22m 11s +0m 02s 5m 08s +0m 00s/km
132 D. Robson McLaren Nov 28 22m 14s +0m 03s 5m 09s +0m 00s/km
133 R. Nurse Other Nov 26 22m 18s +0m 04s 5m 10s +0m 00s/km
134 N. Palarchi Caterham Nov 26 22m 23s +0m 05s 5m 11s +0m 01s/km
135 J. Andreasen McLaren Nov 28 22m 30s +0m 07s 5m 13s +0m 01s/km
136 P. Nygaard Other Nov 27 22m 33s* +0m 03s 5m 19s +0m 05s/km
Comment/excuse: Great season - thanx to all in RunThatTrack!
137 C. Wright Cosworth Nov 24 22m 37s +0m 04s 5m 14s +0m -04s/km
138 I. Rueda Lotus Nov 27 22m 38s +0m 01s 5m 15s +0m 00s/km
139 A. Stevenson Force India Nov 26 22m 50s +0m 12s 5m 17s +0m 02s/km
140 J. Moore Lotus Nov 22 23m 07s* +0m 17s 5m 27s +0m 09s/km
141 R. Chant Mercedes Nov 28 23m 10s +0m 03s 5m 22s +0m -04s/km
142 N. Palarchi Caterham Nov 26 23m 12s +0m 02s 5m 23s +0m 00s/km
143 T. Wright Catherham Nov 26 23m 12s +0m 00s 5m 23s +0m 00s/km
144 T. Graham MESL Nov 24 23m 13s +0m 01s 5m 23s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Warmer than yesterday - pushed hard on the S\F to beat Wednesdays time.
145 T. Graham MESL Nov 23 23m 14s +0m 01s 5m 23s +0m 00s/km
146 D. Schloesser Mercedes Nov 26 23m 20s* +0m 06s 5m 30s +0m 06s/km
Comment/excuse: unfortunately i didnt join the group run. looking forward to next season.thx, UBS
147 N. Rosberg Mercedes Nov 26 23m 20s* +0m 00s 5m 30s +0m 00s/km
148 G. Nolte Mercedes Nov 26 23m 20s* +0m 00s 5m 30s +0m 00s/km
149 R. Lane Marussia Nov 26 23m 30s +0m 10s 5m 27s +0m -02s/km
150 J. Carpenter Pirelli Nov 26 23m 30s +0m 00s 5m 27s +0m 00s/km
151 J. Carpenter Pirelli Nov 24 23m 37s +0m 07s 5m 28s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: cooling issues
152 D. Riefstahl Pirelli Nov 24 23m 39s* +0m 02s 5m 34s +0m 05s/km
153 G. Hudson Lotus Nov 27 23m 40s +0m 01s 5m 29s +0m -05s/km
154 T. Harlow McLaren Nov 27 23m 43s +0m 03s 5m 30s +0m 00s/km
155 B. Hale-Heighway Pirelli Nov 27 23m 44s +0m 01s 5m 30s +0m 00s/km
156 P. McGovern Cosworth Nov 26 23m 45s +0m 01s 5m 30s +0m 00s/km
157 J. Noble Other Nov 26 23m 56s +0m 11s 5m 33s +0m 02s/km
158 R. Kara Red Bull Nov 26 23m 58s +0m 02s 5m 33s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Only my 3rd attempt at running a circuit this year but still felt good! Have a nice winter break everyone c u all next year!
159 D. Riefstahl Pirelli Nov 28 23m 59s +0m 01s 5m 33s +0m 00s/km
160 R. Casolari Ferrari Nov 26 24m 02s +0m 03s 5m 34s +0m 00s/km
161 G. Roughton Caterham Nov 22 24m 16s* +0m 14s 5m 43s +0m 08s/km
Comment/excuse: Way to quick between T1 and T6, massively paid the price up the hill at the end. I now know how NOT to do the group run.
162 S. Humphries Marussia Nov 26 24m 34s +0m 18s 5m 42s +0m -01s/km
163 S. Collyer MESL Nov 26 24m 47s +0m 13s 5m 45s +0m 03s/km
164 G. Smith Caterham Nov 26 25m 08s +0m 21s 5m 49s +0m 04s/km
165 M. Pollard Other Nov 28 25m 10s +0m 02s 5m 50s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: First ever time doing a runthattrack event!
166 A. Stevenson Force India Nov 23 26m 29s
25m 11s
+0m 01s 5m 50s +0m 00s/km
167 S. Hollamby Other Nov 30 25m 29s +0m 18s 5m 54s +0m 04s/km
Comment/excuse: Great event and great atmosphere despite it showing up my lack of running ability!
168 M. Smith Mercedes Nov 26 25m 58s +0m 29s 6m 01s +0m 06s/km
169 M. Smith Mercedes Nov 28 26m 00s +0m 02s 6m 02s +0m 00s/km
170 C. Nelson MESL Nov 26 26m 10s +0m 10s 6m 04s +0m 02s/km
171 R. Casolari Ferrari Nov 23 26m 12s +0m 02s 6m 04s +0m 00s/km
172 M. Pace FanVision Nov 26 26m 14s +0m 02s 6m 05s +0m 00s/km
173 S. Collyer MESL Nov 25 26m 29s +0m 15s 6m 08s +0m 03s/km
174 A. Garavaglia EM Motorsport Nov 26 26m 41s +0m 12s 6m 11s +0m 02s/km
175 S. Collyer MESL Nov 23 26m 43s +0m 02s 6m 12s +0m 00s/km
176 E. Heinzelmann MESL Nov 28 27m 00s +0m 17s 6m 15s +0m 03s/km
177 T. Allen McLaren Nov 27 27m 13s +0m 13s 6m 18s +0m 03s/km
178 L. Ramos Other Nov 26 27m 14s +0m 01s 6m 19s +0m 00s/km
179 B. Hale-Heighway Pirelli Nov 25 27m 14s +0m 00s 6m 19s +0m 00s/km
180 D. Croft Other Nov 26 27m 41s +0m 27s 6m 25s +0m 06s/km
181 L. Ramos Other Nov 4 28m 47s +1m 06s 6m 40s +0m 15s/km
Comment/excuse: It was Run That Track and walk those steep climbs
182 M. Proctor Cosworth Nov 26 28m 56s +0m 09s 6m 42s +0m 02s/km
183 E. Heinzelmann MESL Nov 25 29m 41s +0m 45s 6m 53s +0m 10s/km
184 C. Papadopoulos Lotus Nov 26 29m 52s +0m 11s 6m 55s +0m 02s/km
185 M. Proctor Cosworth Nov 24 30m 40s +0m 48s 7m 07s +0m 11s/km
186 M. Sutton Sutton Images Nov 26 32m 15s +1m 35s 7m 29s +0m 22s/km
Comment/excuse: That is as fast as I can go! Will try and do all the tracks next year! Well done Matthew on being world champion and great effort from the Sutton images team for all the great efforts in 2011.
187 A. Garavaglia EM Motorsport Nov 24 34m 10s +1m 55s 7m 55s +0m 26s/km
188 J. Leberer Sauber Nov 26 35m 00s* +0m 50s 8m 15s +0m 19s/km
189 M. Frost Force India Nov 27 35m 03s +0m 03s 8m 08s +0m -07s/km
190 P. Costa FanVision Nov 26 35m 06s +0m 03s 8m 08s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: avoided the heart attack!
191 R. Lopes Other Nov 27 37m 45s +2m 39s 8m 45s +0m 36s/km
Comment/excuse: I have a problem with the tyres. I was using the dry ones, but it started to rain a lot. So I lost so much time at the middle sector. The DRS worked at the second straight.
192 R. Meadows Mercedes Nov 27 40m 00s +2m 15s 9m 16s +0m 31s/km
193 E. Short Mercedes Nov 27 41m 35s +1m 35s 9m 39s +0m 22s/km
Comment/excuse: Twenty minutes of head start appear to guarantee a spectacular arrival just behind the leaders...
194 S. Cole Mercedes Nov 27 41m 36s +0m 01s 9m 39s +0m 00s/km
195 I. Burrows Other Nov 26 46m 19s +4m 43s 10m 44s +1m 05s/km
Comment/excuse: Last minute lunge for the flag to nudge out Parkesy. Magic
196 I. Burrows Other Nov 26 46m 19s +0m 00s 10m 44s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Last minute lunge for the tape to beat Parkesy in a thriller. Magic
197 I. Parkes Other Nov 26 46m 20s* +0m 01s 10m 55s +0m 10s/km
* indicates installation laps rather than a full lap (start line to finish line)...