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The 2011 Chinese Grand Prix
The 2011 Chinese Grand Prix The 2011 Chinese Grand Prix, Sun 17 Apr 2011
Circuit : Shanghai International Circuit, located in Shanghai, China
Full Lap distance 5.451km, installation lap distance 5.551km
Lap Record 17m 09s set by Dan Sims, set in 2016

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The 2011 Lap Table - with Deltas
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P Name Team Date Lap Times Time Diff Best Pace Pace Diff
1 M. Kingston-Lee Apr 14 18m 20s
21m 16s
21m 57s
3m 21s
Comment/excuse: These laps (21:16; 18:20; 21:57) are dedicated to the memory of Ethan Batchelor. My thoughts this weekend are with Russell and his family.
2 M. Kingston-Lee Apr 16 22m 03s
18m 33s
+0m 13s 3m 24s +0m 02s/km
Comment/excuse: Second lap was the group run and was pleased to receive our snazzy t-shirt at the end. Thanks Simon and thank you UBS!
3 A. Molina Other Apr 16 19m 59s* +1m 26s 3m 35s +0m 11s/km
Comment/excuse: Forgot to stop my watch at the end to busy trying to cross the guess work from Ciaron's time.
4 C. Pilbeam Red Bull Apr 16 20m 01s +0m 02s 3m 40s +0m 04s/km
Comment/excuse: Race day with everyone else !
5 C. Pilbeam Red Bull Apr 13 20m 22s +0m 21s 3m 44s +0m 03s/km
6 C. Leitold FanVision Apr 16 20m 33s +0m 11s 3m 46s +0m 02s/km
Comment/excuse: Nice to see so many people running the track. Thanks to UBS for the charity sponsoring and thanks to Simon organizing everything
7 V. Fournier Total Apr 14 20m 37s +0m 04s 3m 46s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: I complained twice already to finish 1 sec behind someone. I feel a little bit better now finishing up 1 sec ahead of someone. Thanks Fabrice for this lap, you taught me last year how to do that. Max heart rate: 194 !!!I reached my personal limit, Ciaron you are safe :)
8 A. Molina Other Apr 13 20m 38s
24m 43s
+0m 01s 3m 47s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: much nicer to run last year...colder!
9 V. Fournier Total Apr 16 20m 55s +0m 17s 3m 50s +0m 03s/km
Comment/excuse: Nice group run, but could not improve my time :( Impossible to keep up with Alexandre, Ciaron, Richard & Christoph today. I need more training, next week-end at the Nice Triathlon :-) thanks again to Mr Morillas for all that !
10 S. Rennie Lotus Apr 14 20m 57s +0m 02s 3m 50s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Not good after a winter without much running
11 V. Fournier Total Apr 13 21m 14s +0m 17s 3m 53s +0m 03s/km
Comment/excuse: Just a little bit of training before the group race on Saturday...
12 L. Plancq Total Apr 16 21m 16s +0m 02s 3m 54s +0m 00s/km
13 C. Leitold FanVision Apr 14 26m 21s
21m 30s
+0m 14s 3m 56s +0m 02s/km
14 T. Ross Mercedes Apr 16 21m 30s +0m 00s 3m 56s +0m 00s/km
15 L. Plancq Total Apr 13 21m 31s +0m 01s 3m 56s +0m 00s/km
16 D. Bewley MESL Apr 16 21m 50s +0m 19s 4m 00s +0m 03s/km
17 C. Leitold FanVision Apr 13 25m 14s
22m 03s
+0m 13s 4m 02s +0m 02s/km
Comment/excuse: 1st Lap with Simon
18 Y. Gleyo Caterham Apr 16 22m 16s +0m 13s 4m 05s +0m 02s/km
19 D. Bewley MESL Apr 14 22m 18s +0m 02s 4m 05s +0m 00s/km
20 J. Birkett_OD Marussia Apr 16 22m 18s +0m 00s 4m 05s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: A pleasure to run with everyone tonight. Great stuff.
21 P. Bonnington Mercedes Apr 16 22m 20s +0m 02s 4m 05s +0m 00s/km
22 J. Birkett_OD Marussia Apr 14 22m 20s +0m 00s 4m 05s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: my best lap tonight.
23 M. Hug Sauber Apr 16 22m 23s +0m 03s 4m 06s +0m 00s/km
24 R. Musconi Mercedes Apr 16 22m 24s +0m 01s 4m 06s +0m 00s/km
25 M. Shepherd Mercedes Apr 17 22m 39s +0m 15s 4m 09s +0m 02s/km
26 C. Murray UBS Apr 16 22m 42s +0m 03s 4m 09s +0m 00s/km
27 I. Rueda Lotus Apr 16 22m 50s +0m 08s 4m 11s +0m 01s/km
28 B. Waspe UBS Apr 17 22m 50s +0m 00s 4m 11s +0m 00s/km
29 R. Musconi Mercedes Apr 13 22m 52s +0m 02s 4m 11s +0m 00s/km
30 G. Dunbar Other Apr 17 23m 22s +0m 30s 4m 17s +0m 05s/km
31 A. Rees UBS Apr 17 23m 30s +0m 08s 4m 18s +0m 01s/km
32 D. Lane Other Apr 16 23m 30s +0m 00s 4m 18s +0m 00s/km
33 L. Kukor-Morgan Other Apr 16 23m 30s +0m 00s 4m 18s +0m 00s/km
34 G. Rocquelin Red Bull Apr 13 23m 32s +0m 02s 4m 19s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Simon Says: "DO IT" It's for charity.
35 I. Rueda Lotus Apr 14 23m 48s +0m 16s 4m 21s +0m 02s/km
36 C. Murray UBS Apr 14 23m 49s +0m 01s 4m 22s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Much more enjoyable than Sepang!
37 M. Dempsey Caterham Apr 17 23m 59s +0m 10s 4m 23s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: Couldn't make group run but good run with Lotus crew instead !! Remember its all about the charity Yan !
38 R. Reeve Caterham Apr 16 24m 22s +0m 23s 4m 28s +0m 04s/km
39 P. Bonnington Mercedes Apr 14 24m 26s +0m 04s 4m 28s +0m 00s/km
40 C. Leat McLaren Apr 14 24m 26s +0m 00s 4m 28s +0m 00s/km
41 M. Hutcheson HRT Apr 16 24m 30s +0m 04s 4m 29s +0m 00s/km
42 B. Waspe UBS Apr 15 24m 48s +0m 18s 4m 32s +0m 03s/km
43 A. Rees UBS Apr 15 24m 48s +0m 00s 4m 32s +0m 00s/km
44 M. Hutcheson HRT Apr 13 24m 57s +0m 09s 4m 34s +0m 01s/km
45 C. Haggstam Marussia Apr 16 25m 00s +0m 03s 4m 35s +0m 00s/km
46 R. Reeve Caterham Apr 14 25m 03s +0m 03s 4m 35s +0m 00s/km
47 J. Bonnett Connexion Apr 15 25m 07s +0m 04s 4m 36s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: First lap for CONNEXION from BELGIUM, many more to follow!
48 M. Dempsey Caterham Apr 15 25m 08s +0m 01s 4m 36s +0m 00s/km
49 R. Reeve Caterham Apr 13 25m 19s +0m 11s 4m 38s +0m 02s/km
50 A. Lobato Other Apr 16 25m 23s +0m 04s 4m 39s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: My first run in a long time. Last time was Valencia 2010 filming with Marc Gen? and talking about the track. Terrible pain in my ankles and feet
51 M. Thompson Other Mar 26 25m 28s +0m 05s 4m 40s +0m 00s/km
52 D. Lane Other Apr 14 25m 30s* +0m 02s 4m 35s +0m -04s/km
53 J. Birkett_OD Marussia Apr 12 25m 35s +0m 05s 4m 41s +0m 05s/km
Comment/excuse: Windy on the long straight.
54 S. Davis Marussia Apr 17 25m 38s +0m 03s 4m 42s +0m 00s/km
55 S. Morillas Other Apr 14 25m 39s +0m 01s 4m 42s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Went for a gentle lap with Christoph, well gentle for him and painful for me... The good news is that it will be dark on Saturday so that long long long back straight will not seem so bad (I hope).
56 J. Moore Lotus Apr 16 25m 40s* +0m 01s 4m 37s +0m -04s/km
57 M. Hutcheson HRT Apr 14 25m 40s +0m 00s 4m 42s +0m 05s/km
58 P. Davison Marussia Apr 16 25m 51s +0m 11s 4m 44s +0m 02s/km
59 A. Shovlin Mercedes Apr 17 25m 54s +0m 03s 4m 45s +0m 00s/km
60 M. de Stexhe Connexion Apr 17 26m 00s +0m 06s 4m 46s +0m 01s/km
61 P. Danbury Marussia Apr 18 26m 13s +0m 13s 4m 48s +0m 02s/km
62 A. Bell Mercedes Apr 15 26m 16s +0m 03s 4m 49s +0m 00s/km
63 A. Permane Lotus Apr 16 26m 20s +0m 04s 4m 49s +0m 00s/km
64 Y. Fargeon Total Apr 14 26m 20s +0m 00s 4m 49s +0m 00s/km
65 A. Komatsu Lotus Apr 14 26m 21s +0m 01s 4m 50s +0m 00s/km
66 P. Bonnington Mercedes Apr 13 26m 40s +0m 19s 4m 53s +0m 03s/km
67 A. Lobato Other Apr 17 26m 40s +0m 00s 4m 53s +0m 00s/km
68 M. Hug Sauber Apr 13 27m 24s
26m 44s*
+0m 04s 4m 48s +0m -04s/km
69 O. Hulot FIA Apr 13 34m 12s
26m 44s
+0m 00s 4m 54s +0m 05s/km
70 J. Noble Other Apr 15 26m 45s +0m 01s 4m 54s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: For our friend Russell Batchelor, and in memory of Ethan.
71 S. Drake Other Apr 16 27m 00s +0m 15s 4m 57s +0m 02s/km
Comment/excuse: First lap this year....long back straight too
72 K. Hemmant Caterham Apr 13 27m 10s +0m 10s 4m 59s +0m 01s/km
73 M. Dempsey Caterham Apr 14 27m 14s* +0m 04s 4m 54s +0m -04s/km
74 B. Whitwham Mercedes Apr 16 27m 20s +0m 06s 5m 00s +0m 06s/km
75 D. Kalisz LAT Apr 16 27m 28s +0m 08s 5m 02s +0m 01s/km
76 P. Stickler Other Apr 16 27m 42s +0m 14s 5m 04s +0m 02s/km
77 A. Neumann Mercedes Apr 16 28m 09s +0m 27s 5m 09s +0m 04s/km
78 J. Vowles Mercedes Apr 13 28m 11s +0m 02s 5m 10s +0m 00s/km
79 A. Neumann Mercedes Apr 13 28m 24s +0m 13s 5m 12s +0m 02s/km
80 R. Lane Marussia Apr 16 28m 30s +0m 06s 5m 13s +0m 01s/km
81 N. Alcock Lotus Apr 16 28m 40s +0m 10s 5m 15s +0m 01s/km
82 S. Schaefer Sauber Apr 14 28m 42s +0m 02s 5m 15s +0m 00s/km
83 P. Nygaard Other Apr 16 28m 45s* +0m 03s 5m 10s +0m -05s/km
84 G. Gannon Marussia Apr 16 28m 50s +0m 05s 5m 17s +0m 06s/km
85 A. Stevenson Force India Apr 15 28m 59s* +0m 09s 5m 13s +0m -04s/km
86 D. Riefstahl Pirelli Apr 14 29m 09s +0m 10s 5m 20s +0m 07s/km
87 M. de Stexhe Connexion Apr 14 29m 16s +0m 07s 5m 22s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: First lap ever ! Great experience ! See you saterday night ! Belgium is in the game..
88 D. Kalisz LAT Apr 15 29m 30s* +0m 14s 5m 18s +0m -03s/km
89 D. Riefstahl Pirelli Apr 14 29m 49s +0m 19s 5m 28s +0m 09s/km
90 N. Alcock Lotus Apr 14 30m 56s +1m 07s 5m 40s +0m 12s/km
Comment/excuse: First run of the year!
91 N. Colombi Marussia Apr 18 31m 00s* +0m 04s 5m 35s +0m -05s/km
Comment/excuse: Not a runner, never been a runner but its all for charity :-)Heart rate - Off the scale...
92 A. Stevenson Force India Apr 13 31m 25s
31m 37s*
+0m 25s 5m 39s +0m 04s/km
93 E. Short Mercedes Apr 16 31m 45s +0m 20s 5m 49s +0m 09s/km
Comment/excuse: Hoping for a safety car from turn 6 onwards
94 A. Hembd Sauber Apr 15 33m 20s +1m 35s 6m 06s +0m 17s/km
95 A. Hembd Sauber Apr 14 33m 40s +0m 20s 6m 10s +0m 03s/km
96 C. Allen Marussia Apr 18 33m 50s +0m 10s 6m 12s +0m 01s/km
97 C. Williams Williams Apr 16 34m 00s +0m 10s 6m 14s +0m 01s/km
98 V. Vowles Mercedes Apr 16 34m 00s* +0m 00s 6m 07s +0m -06s/km
99 N. Armstrong Mercedes Apr 16 34m 00s* +0m 00s 6m 07s +0m 00s/km
100 D. O'Neill Marussia Apr 16 34m 20s +0m 20s 6m 17s +0m 10s/km
101 S. Humphries Marussia Apr 18 34m 50s +0m 30s 6m 23s +0m 05s/km
102 R. Laenen Mercedes Apr 16 40m 48s* +5m 58s 7m 21s +0m 57s/km
* indicates installation laps rather than a full lap (start line to finish line)...