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The 2014 Belgium Grand Prix
The 2014 Belgium Grand Prix The 2014 Belgium Grand Prix, Sun 24 Aug 2014
Circuit : Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, located in Spa, Belgium
Full Lap distance 7.004km, installation lap distance 6.995km
Lap Record 24m 48s set by Sam Village, set in 2013

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The 2014 Lap Table - with Deltas
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P Name Team Date Lap Times Time Diff Best Pace Pace Diff
1 G. Nolte Mercedes Aug 22 27m 20s 3m 54s
2 A. Wybrott McLaren Aug 23 27m 35s +0m 15s 3m 56s +0m 02s/km
3 S. Marshall Williams Aug 23 27m 36s +0m 01s 3m 56s +0m 00s/km
4 E. Scudeler Other Aug 23 28m 00s +0m 24s 3m 59s +0m 03s/km
5 L. O'Rourke McLaren Aug 23 28m 10s +0m 10s 4m 01s +0m 01s/km
6 F. Dallot Caterham Aug 23 28m 11s +0m 01s 4m 01s +0m 00s/km
7 N. Colam Marussia Aug 23 28m 49s +0m 38s 4m 06s +0m 05s/km
8 G. Richards Red Bull Aug 21 28m 50s +0m 01s 4m 07s +0m 00s/km
9 C. Pilbeam McLaren Aug 21 29m 05s +0m 15s 4m 09s +0m 02s/km
10 B. Anderson Autosport Aug 23 29m 10s +0m 05s 4m 09s +0m 00s/km
11 D. Mitsch Red Bull Aug 21 29m 10s +0m 00s 4m 09s +0m 00s/km
12 M. Brunner Sauber Aug 23 29m 15s +0m 05s 4m 10s +0m 00s/km
13 O. Gold Caterham Aug 23 29m 17s +0m 02s 4m 10s +0m 00s/km
14 R. Merhi Caterham Aug 22 29m 19s +0m 02s 4m 11s +0m 00s/km
15 C. Pilbeam McLaren Aug 23 29m 28s +0m 09s 4m 12s +0m 01s/km
16 C. Kellermann Mercedes Aug 23 29m 30s +0m 02s 4m 12s +0m 00s/km
17 M. Morris McLaren Aug 21 29m 44s +0m 14s 4m 14s +0m 01s/km
18 G. Woodin Red Bull Aug 21 29m 48s +0m 04s 4m 15s +0m 00s/km
19 T. Stallard McLaren Aug 21 29m 52s +0m 04s 4m 15s +0m 00s/km
20 G. Roughton Red Bull Aug 23 30m 09s +0m 17s 4m 18s +0m 02s/km
21 D. Johnson Other Aug 22 30m 10s +0m 01s 4m 18s +0m 00s/km
22 R. Merhi Caterham Aug 23 30m 17s +0m 07s 4m 19s +0m 00s/km
23 J. Bourgeois Renault Engines Aug 23 30m 21s +0m 04s 4m 19s +0m 00s/km
24 D. Haines Lotus Aug 23 30m 25s +0m 04s 4m 20s +0m 00s/km
25 S. Michael McLaren Aug 21 30m 30s +0m 05s 4m 21s +0m 00s/km
26 J. Egan Marussia Aug 23 30m 38s +0m 08s 4m 22s +0m 01s/km
27 G. Bird Marussia Aug 23 30m 39s +0m 01s 4m 22s +0m 00s/km
28 B. Waspe UBS Aug 23 30m 46s +0m 07s 4m 23s +0m 01s/km
29 I. Rueda Lotus Aug 22 30m 48s +0m 02s 4m 23s +0m 00s/km
30 D. Straub Sauber Aug 23 30m 48s +0m 00s 4m 23s +0m 00s/km
31 L. Ager FOM Aug 23 30m 49s +0m 01s 4m 23s +0m 00s/km
32 B. Anderson Autosport Aug 22 30m 59s +0m 10s 4m 25s +0m 01s/km
33 R. Merhi Caterham Aug 21 31m 00s
31m 02s
+0m 01s 4m 25s +0m 00s/km
34 G. Roughton Red Bull Aug 20 31m 13s +0m 13s 4m 27s +0m 01s/km
35 A. Kazmi McLaren Aug 23 31m 14s +0m 01s 4m 27s +0m 00s/km
36 M. Briggs FOM Aug 21 31m 15s +0m 01s 4m 27s +0m 00s/km
37 T. seward FOM Aug 23 31m 24s +0m 09s 4m 28s +0m 01s/km
38 A. Permane Lotus Aug 23 31m 34s +0m 10s 4m 30s +0m 01s/km
39 T. Ross Mercedes Aug 23 31m 41s +0m 07s 4m 31s +0m 00s/km
40 R. Paterson Caterham Aug 23 31m 43s +0m 02s 4m 31s +0m 00s/km
41 A. Stobart Lotus Aug 23 31m 46s +0m 03s 4m 32s +0m 00s/km
42 D. Bewley MESL Aug 23 31m 48s +0m 02s 4m 32s +0m 00s/km
43 S. Marshall Williams Aug 21 31m 48s +0m 00s 4m 32s +0m 00s/km
44 S. king McLaren Aug 23 31m 49s +0m 01s 4m 32s +0m 00s/km
45 O. Hulot FIA Aug 20 31m 53s +0m 04s 4m 33s +0m 00s/km
46 S. Lock Caterham Aug 23 31m 56s +0m 03s 4m 33s +0m 00s/km
47 F. Foster Lotus Aug 23 32m 00s +0m 04s 4m 34s +0m 00s/km
48 B. Barnett Red Bull Aug 21 32m 01s +0m 01s 4m 34s +0m 00s/km
49 A. Molina FOM Aug 19 32m 04s +0m 03s 4m 34s +0m 00s/km
50 D. Williams McLaren Aug 23 32m 08s +0m 04s 4m 35s +0m 00s/km
51 A. Komatsu Lotus Aug 21 32m 21s +0m 13s 4m 37s +0m 01s/km
52 O. Janssen Red Bull Aug 23 32m 27s +0m 06s 4m 37s +0m 00s/km
53 C. Heath Marussia Aug 23 32m 35s +0m 08s 4m 39s +0m 01s/km
54 P. Lundin Sutton Images Aug 23 32m 41s +0m 06s 4m 39s +0m 00s/km
55 S. Michael McLaren Aug 23 32m 44s +0m 03s 4m 40s +0m 00s/km
56 L. De Angelis EM Motorsport Aug 23 32m 53s +0m 09s 4m 41s +0m 01s/km
57 R. Campbell Sky Sports F1 Aug 19 33m 10s +0m 17s 4m 44s +0m 02s/km
Comment/excuse: Installation Lap!
58 M. Parris FOM Aug 23 33m 12s +0m 02s 4m 44s +0m 00s/km
59 J. Batchelor FIA Aug 20 33m 15s +0m 03s 4m 44s +0m 00s/km
60 K. Shibata Other Aug 23 33m 20s +0m 05s 4m 45s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Quite tough
61 B. Reynolds Marussia Aug 23 33m 20s +0m 00s 4m 45s +0m 00s/km
62 G. Vietina Ferrari Engines Aug 23 33m 21s +0m 01s 4m 45s +0m 00s/km
63 M. Vitelli Ferrari Engines Aug 23 33m 21s +0m 00s 4m 45s +0m 00s/km
64 S. Howe FOM Aug 23 33m 23s +0m 02s 4m 45s +0m 00s/km
65 S. Hamilton Mercedes Aug 23 33m 26s +0m 03s 4m 46s +0m 00s/km
66 S. Bradley Mercedes Aug 23 33m 26s +0m 00s 4m 46s +0m 00s/km
67 G. Gannon Marussia Aug 23 33m 28s +0m 02s 4m 46s +0m 00s/km
68 F. Sapia McLaren Aug 21 33m 28s +0m 00s 4m 46s +0m 00s/km
69 J. Paton Red Bull Aug 21 33m 30s +0m 02s 4m 46s +0m 00s/km
70 J. Prevost L'Equipe Aug 23 33m 35s +0m 05s 4m 47s +0m 00s/km
71 T. seward FOM Aug 18 33m 40s +0m 05s 4m 48s +0m 00s/km
72 B. Richardson FOM Aug 23 33m 44s +0m 04s 4m 48s +0m 00s/km
73 C. Dolan BBC F1 Aug 20 33m 44s +0m 00s 4m 48s +0m 00s/km
74 M. Leatham Red Bull Aug 23 33m 48s +0m 04s 4m 49s +0m 00s/km
75 M. Gray Mercedes Aug 23 33m 49s
34m 15s
+0m 01s 4m 49s +0m 00s/km
76 L. Ager FOM Aug 21 33m 50s +0m 01s 4m 49s +0m 00s/km
77 O. Janssen Red Bull Aug 22 33m 55s +0m 05s 4m 50s +0m 00s/km
78 D. Williams McLaren Aug 19 33m 55s +0m 00s 4m 50s +0m 00s/km
79 A. Joassard Caterham Aug 23 34m 00s +0m 05s 4m 51s +0m 00s/km
80 O. Gold Caterham Aug 19 34m 00s +0m 00s 4m 51s +0m 00s/km
81 G. Enzler Sauber Aug 23 34m 00s +0m 00s 4m 51s +0m 00s/km
82 I. Jones Lotus Aug 23 34m 00s +0m 00s 4m 51s +0m 00s/km
83 M. wraight Marussia Aug 23 34m 03s +0m 03s 4m 51s +0m 00s/km
84 S. Howe FOM Aug 20 34m 04s +0m 01s 4m 51s +0m 00s/km
85 M. Ferriman Lotus Aug 23 34m 06s +0m 02s 4m 52s +0m 00s/km
86 L. De Angelis EM Motorsport Aug 20 34m 12s +0m 06s 4m 52s +0m 00s/km
87 A. Ferrans Sky Sports F1 Aug 23 34m 14s +0m 02s 4m 53s +0m 00s/km
88 S. Crossman Lotus Aug 23 34m 16s +0m 02s 4m 53s +0m 00s/km
89 S. king McLaren Aug 21 34m 17s +0m 01s 4m 53s +0m 00s/km
90 M. Terry FOM Aug 19 34m 18s +0m 01s 4m 53s +0m 00s/km
91 P. Nunes Force India Aug 22 34m 20s +0m 02s 4m 54s +0m 00s/km
92 A. Ferrans Sky Sports F1 Aug 21 34m 22s +0m 02s 4m 54s +0m 00s/km
93 A. Ferrans Sky Sports F1 Aug 19 34m 24s +0m 02s 4m 54s +0m 00s/km
94 S. Humphries Caterham Aug 23 34m 28s +0m 04s 4m 55s +0m 00s/km
95 C. Cooney Lotus Aug 23 34m 39s +0m 11s 4m 56s +0m 01s/km
96 A. Ferrans Sky Sports F1 Aug 18 34m 48s +0m 09s 4m 58s +0m 01s/km
97 E. Rotherham Tata Aug 23 34m 50s +0m 02s 4m 58s +0m 00s/km
98 F. Dallot Caterham Aug 20 34m 53s +0m 03s 4m 58s +0m 00s/km
99 A. Ferrans Sky Sports F1 Aug 20 34m 53s +0m 00s 4m 58s +0m 00s/km
100 S. Village Marussia Aug 23 35m 00s
36m 00s
+0m 07s 4m 59s +0m 01s/km
101 O. Gold Caterham Aug 20 35m 00s +0m 00s 4m 59s +0m 00s/km
102 R. Wake Force India Aug 23 35m 00s +0m 00s 4m 59s +0m 00s/km
103 N. Juanco Antenna 3 TV Aug 21 35m 02s +0m 02s 5m 00s +0m 00s/km
104 E. Paleari Ferrari Engines Aug 23 35m 05s +0m 03s 5m 00s +0m 00s/km
105 D. Stanley McLaren Aug 21 35m 05s +0m 00s 5m 00s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Sorry for the late submission!
106 C. Richards Lotus Aug 21 35m 06s +0m 01s 5m 00s +0m 00s/km
107 C. Cooney Lotus Aug 21 35m 10s +0m 04s 5m 01s +0m 00s/km
108 L. Martini Sutton Images Aug 23 35m 13s +0m 03s 5m 01s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: First official lap
109 E. Regan Marussia Aug 23 35m 16s +0m 03s 5m 02s +0m 00s/km
110 J. Muldoon Tata Aug 23 35m 17s +0m 01s 5m 02s +0m 00s/km
111 A. Playford Pirelli Aug 23 35m 24s +0m 07s 5m 03s +0m 00s/km
112 F. Dallot Caterham Aug 19 35m 24s +0m 00s 5m 03s +0m 00s/km
113 M. Vitelli Ferrari Engines Aug 21 35m 25s +0m 01s 5m 03s +0m 00s/km
114 M. Smith Lotus Aug 23 35m 28s +0m 03s 5m 03s +0m 00s/km
115 S. Hedges Marussia Aug 24 35m 39s +0m 11s 5m 05s +0m 01s/km
116 E. Rotherham Tata Aug 20 35m 43s +0m 04s 5m 05s +0m 00s/km
117 W. Courtenay Red Bull Aug 23 35m 48s +0m 05s 5m 06s +0m 00s/km
118 M. Seilheimer Sauber Aug 23 35m 50s +0m 02s 5m 06s +0m 00s/km
119 A. Rowland-Rouse Caterham Aug 23 36m 00s +0m 10s 5m 08s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: First GP and run with the team
120 T. Sherwood Williams Aug 23 36m 00s +0m 00s 5m 08s +0m 00s/km
121 S. Bigwood FOM Aug 21 36m 05s +0m 05s 5m 09s +0m 00s/km
122 A. Playford Pirelli Aug 21 36m 05s +0m 00s 5m 09s +0m 00s/km
123 O. Gooris TF1 Aug 21 36m 07s +0m 02s 5m 09s +0m 00s/km
124 G. Vietina Ferrari Engines Aug 21 36m 08s +0m 01s 5m 09s +0m 00s/km
125 J. Carpenter Pirelli Aug 23 36m 11s +0m 03s 5m 09s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Just reminding myself why I prefer the bike!
126 N. Gibbs Red Bull Aug 22 36m 12s +0m 01s 5m 10s +0m 00s/km
127 S. Ploeger Sky Sports F1 Aug 20 36m 13s +0m 01s 5m 10s +0m 00s/km
128 J. Awad Canal+ Aug 23 36m 13s +0m 00s 5m 10s +0m 00s/km
129 F. Puget Ferrari Engines Aug 23 36m 15s +0m 02s 5m 10s +0m 00s/km
130 J. Muldoon Tata Aug 22 36m 21s +0m 06s 5m 11s +0m 00s/km
131 J. Moore Williams Aug 23 36m 22s +0m 01s 5m 11s +0m 00s/km
132 N. Mosconi Ferrari Engines Aug 23 36m 25s +0m 03s 5m 11s +0m 00s/km
133 S. Bigwood FOM Aug 20 36m 32s +0m 07s 5m 12s +0m 00s/km
134 P. Roberts Porsche Aug 23 36m 34s +0m 02s 5m 13s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: The sole representative from Porsche Supercup. I need to recruit some people!
135 N. Gibbs Red Bull Aug 23 37m 00s +0m 26s 5m 16s +0m 03s/km
136 S. Downes FOM Aug 23 37m 00s +0m 00s 5m 16s +0m 00s/km
137 G. Jones Mercedes Aug 23 37m 10s +0m 10s 5m 18s +0m 01s/km
138 N. Alcock Lotus Aug 22 37m 11s +0m 01s 5m 18s +0m 00s/km
139 E. Rotherham Tata Aug 19 37m 14s +0m 03s 5m 18s +0m 00s/km
140 C. Medland Other Aug 23 37m 18s +0m 04s 5m 19s +0m 00s/km
141 W. Courtenay Red Bull Aug 21 38m 42s
37m 26s
+0m 08s 5m 20s +0m 01s/km
142 H. Jones FOM Aug 21 37m 33s +0m 07s 5m 21s +0m 00s/km
143 A. García Antenna 3 TV Aug 22 37m 48s +0m 15s 5m 23s +0m 02s/km
144 R. Wake Force India Aug 21 38m 00s +0m 12s 5m 25s +0m 01s/km
145 E. den Boer Other Aug 23 38m 00s +0m 00s 5m 25s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: congratulates all runners for reaching an incredible milestone.
146 J. Birchall Marussia Aug 23 38m 06s +0m 06s 5m 26s +0m 00s/km
147 P. Taylor FOM Aug 21 38m 16s +0m 10s 5m 27s +0m 01s/km
148 G. Rossi Ferrari Engines Aug 23 38m 26s +0m 10s 5m 29s +0m 01s/km
149 D. Broadribb Lotus Aug 23 38m 28s +0m 02s 5m 29s +0m 00s/km
150 J. Muldoon Tata Aug 20 38m 32s +0m 04s 5m 30s +0m 00s/km
151 A. Permane Lotus Aug 21 38m 45s
39m 30s
+0m 13s 5m 31s +0m 01s/km
152 F. Foster Lotus Aug 21 38m 45s
39m 30s
+0m 00s 5m 31s +0m 00s/km
153 M. Leatham Red Bull Aug 21 38m 52s +0m 07s 5m 32s +0m 01s/km
154 R. Sprules Lotus Aug 23 38m 57s +0m 05s 5m 33s +0m 00s/km
155 A. Rosetti Ferrari Engines Aug 23 38m 58s +0m 01s 5m 33s +0m 00s/km
156 J. Paton Red Bull Aug 20 39m 00s +0m 02s 5m 34s +0m 00s/km
157 G. Richards Red Bull Aug 20 39m 00s +0m 00s 5m 34s +0m 00s/km
158 J. O'Hanlon JMI Aug 20 39m 00s +0m 00s 5m 34s +0m 00s/km
159 J. Wheatley Red Bull Aug 21 39m 04s +0m 04s 5m 34s +0m 00s/km
160 S. Foster Lotus Aug 23 39m 09s +0m 05s 5m 35s +0m 00s/km
161 J. Noble Autosport Aug 23 39m 16s +0m 07s 5m 36s +0m 00s/km
162 N. Stuart Other Aug 23 39m 19s +0m 03s 5m 36s +0m 00s/km
163 J. Wheatley Red Bull Aug 22 39m 25s +0m 06s 5m 37s +0m 00s/km
164 G. Ward Red Bull Aug 21 39m 29s +0m 04s 5m 38s +0m 00s/km
165 M. Stirnberg Other Aug 23 39m 30s +0m 01s 5m 38s +0m 00s/km
166 M. Smith Caterham Aug 23 39m 44s +0m 14s 5m 40s +0m 01s/km
167 P. Nygaard Other Aug 22 39m 46s +0m 02s 5m 40s +0m 00s/km
168 M. Seilheimer Sauber Aug 22 40m 00s +0m 14s 5m 42s +0m 01s/km
169 A. Peasland Red Bull Aug 21 40m 00s +0m 00s 5m 42s +0m 00s/km
170 S. Murdoch McLaren Aug 23 40m 00s +0m 00s 5m 42s +0m 00s/km
171 S. ergei Caterham Aug 23 40m 01s +0m 01s 5m 42s +0m 00s/km
172 D. Hale Mercedes Aug 24 40m 02s +0m 01s 5m 42s +0m 00s/km
173 A. Boselli Sky Sports F1 ITA Aug 22 40m 16s +0m 14s 5m 44s +0m 01s/km
174 R. Hood McLaren Aug 21 40m 18s +0m 02s 5m 45s +0m 00s/km
175 D. Candil Other Aug 23 40m 28s +0m 10s 5m 46s +0m 01s/km
176 J. Haugh Williams Aug 23 40m 29s +0m 01s 5m 46s +0m 00s/km
177 B. Spurgeon Other Aug 23 40m 30s +0m 01s 5m 46s +0m 00s/km
178 M. Manning Red Bull Aug 23 40m 35s +0m 05s 5m 47s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: If you thought that was hard check out
179 G. Smith Caterham Aug 23 40m 40s +0m 05s 5m 48s +0m 00s/km
180 S. Dietz UBIMET Aug 23 40m 40s +0m 00s 5m 48s +0m 00s/km
181 P. Lundin Sutton Images Aug 22 40m 47s +0m 07s 5m 49s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: Nice evening warmup for the group run.
182 P. Sherer FOM Aug 23 40m 52s +0m 05s 5m 50s +0m 00s/km
183 T. Graham MESL Aug 23 41m 03s +0m 11s 5m 51s +0m 01s/km
184 E. Hewett Other Aug 23 42m 00s
41m 10s
+0m 07s 5m 52s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: 2 laps...
185 R. Nurse BBC F1 Aug 21 41m 15s +0m 05s 5m 53s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Very unfit. Ouch.
186 O. Langlois Total Aug 23 41m 30s +0m 15s 5m 55s +0m 02s/km
187 E. Scudeler Other Aug 21 41m 35s +0m 05s 5m 56s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: With my friend Luca! His first time!
188 P. Santarsiero Ferrari Engines Aug 23 41m 52s +0m 17s 5m 58s +0m 02s/km
189 T. Graham MESL Aug 21 41m 53s +0m 01s 5m 58s +0m 00s/km
190 B. Lord Mercedes Aug 23 41m 55s +0m 02s 5m 59s +0m 00s/km
191 R. Cull MESL Aug 23 42m 10s +0m 15s 6m 01s +0m 02s/km
192 M. Zuccheri Ferrari Engines Aug 23 42m 41s +0m 31s 6m 05s +0m 04s/km
193 J. Scarborough FOM Aug 23 42m 41s +0m 00s 6m 05s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: EAU Rouge is a lot steeper in real life than on TV!
194 B. Whitwham McLaren Aug 23 42m 49s +0m 08s 6m 06s +0m 01s/km
195 P. Schmitz Other Aug 22 42m 52s +0m 03s 6m 07s +0m 00s/km
196 H. Bechtold Other Aug 21 42m 53s +0m 01s 6m 07s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Sky Sport News HD
197 R. Lane Mercedes Aug 23 43m 00s +0m 07s 6m 08s +0m 00s/km
198 E. Mewse Williams Aug 23 43m 00s +0m 00s 6m 08s +0m 00s/km
199 J. Bradbury Force India Aug 23 43m 17s +0m 17s 6m 10s +0m 02s/km
200 T. Harlow McLaren Aug 23 43m 30s +0m 13s 6m 12s +0m 01s/km
201 C. Nelson MESL Aug 23 43m 49s +0m 19s 6m 15s +0m 02s/km
Comment/excuse: Great to be part of the $1 million group run
202 J. Muldoon Tata Aug 17 44m 18s +0m 29s 6m 19s +0m 04s/km
203 J. Muldoon Tata Aug 16 44m 20s +0m 02s 6m 19s +0m 00s/km
204 J. Simon-Chautemps Lotus Aug 21 44m 24s +0m 04s 6m 20s +0m 00s/km
205 A. Wilczek Riedel Aug 20 44m 39s +0m 15s 6m 22s +0m 02s/km
206 P. Sherer FOM Aug 21 44m 41s +0m 02s 6m 22s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: First run of the year. I can only improve
207 C. Wright Williams Aug 21 45m 00s +0m 19s 6m 25s +0m 02s/km
208 B. Lord Mercedes Aug 21 45m 43s +0m 43s 6m 31s +0m 06s/km
209 E. Heinzelmann MESL Aug 23 45m 58s +0m 15s 6m 33s +0m 02s/km
210 M. Masters Absolute Taste Aug 20 46m 00s +0m 02s 6m 34s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: First ever track run
211 R. Dvoryankin JMI Aug 21 46m 13s +0m 13s 6m 35s +0m 01s/km
212 L. Rodríguez Lanchas Other Aug 24 46m 48s +0m 35s 6m 40s +0m 04s/km
213 L. Ramos Other Aug 24 47m 00s +0m 12s 6m 42s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: Awesome Group Run on my favourite place. Thanks for that
214 W. Kugelmann Sauber Aug 23 48m 10s +1m 10s 6m 52s +0m 09s/km
215 S. Clarke FOM Aug 23 48m 10s +0m 00s 6m 52s +0m 00s/km
216 K. Messer Lotus Aug 23 48m 11s +0m 01s 6m 52s +0m 00s/km
217 D. Ortelli Other Aug 23 48m 35s +0m 24s 6m 56s +0m 03s/km
Comment/excuse: What a superb track
218 L. Foulkes FOM Aug 23 49m 22s +0m 47s 7m 02s +0m 06s/km
219 P. Horton Other Aug 23 49m 43s +0m 21s 7m 05s +0m 02s/km
220 R. Heeley BBC F1 Aug 23 50m 08s +0m 25s 7m 09s +0m 03s/km
221 J. Harker FIA Aug 23 50m 49s +0m 41s 7m 15s +0m 05s/km
Comment/excuse: Thank you UBS for a great spread at the end of a long lap
222 L. Ramos Other Aug 21 50m 53s +0m 04s 7m 15s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Favourite track of the season
223 O. Popoiu Other Aug 24 50m 57s +0m 04s 7m 16s +0m 00s/km
224 C. Smith Force India Aug 23 52m 25s +1m 28s 7m 29s +0m 12s/km
225 M. Cloake FIA Aug 23 53m 23s +0m 58s 7m 37s +0m 08s/km
Comment/excuse: I could not get endomondo to work
226 G. Lenzi Ferrari Engines Aug 23 54m 18s +0m 55s 7m 45s +0m 07s/km
227 M. Sutton Sutton Images Aug 23 55m 10s +0m 52s 7m 52s +0m 07s/km
228 S. Herring Caterham Aug 23 55m 10s +0m 00s 7m 52s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: One year on and went a whole 30 seconds quicker
229 C. Neudhart UBIMET Aug 23 57m 14s +2m 04s 8m 10s +0m 17s/km
230 A. Donzelot Lotus Aug 21 57m 18s +0m 04s 8m 10s +0m 00s/km
231 C. Calcagni Ferrari Engines Aug 23 64m 00s +6m 42s 9m 08s +0m 57s/km
Comment/excuse: Circuito affascinante.
232 S. Amelichkina Other Aug 23 69m 42s +5m 42s 9m 57s +0m 48s/km
233 B. Gardiner Sky Sports F1 Aug 21 74m 00s +4m 18s 10m 33s +0m 36s/km
Comment/excuse: I took so long due to a dodgy foot
234 M. potter Sky Sports F1 Aug 21 74m 47s +0m 47s 10m 40s +0m 06s/km
Comment/excuse: that climb nearly killed me
235 M. collins Sky Sports F1 Aug 20 74m 47s +0m 00s 10m 40s +0m 00s/km
236 P. griggs Sky Sports F1 Aug 20 76m 00s +1m 13s 10m 51s +0m 10s/km
237 E. Billingham FOM Aug 21 81m 30s +5m 30s 11m 38s +0m 47s/km
Comment/excuse: That looks ridiculously appalling... But it is a long lap and I got snap happy!
238 D. Etter Sauber Aug 23 84m 29s +2m 59s 12m 03s +0m 25s/km
* indicates installation laps rather than a full lap (start line to finish line)...