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The 2014 Monaco Grand Prix
The 2014 Monaco Grand Prix The 2014 Monaco Grand Prix, Sun 25 May 2014
Circuit : Circuit de Monaco, located in Monaco, Monaco
Full Lap distance 3.34km, installation lap distance 3.15km
Lap Record 10m 28s set by Sam Village, set in 2013

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The 2014 Lap Table - with Deltas
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P Name Team Date Lap Times Time Diff Best Pace Pace Diff
1 G. Nolte Mercedes May 23 12m 42s 3m 48s
2 A. Wybrott McLaren May 24 13m 05s +0m 23s 3m 55s +0m 06s/km
3 G. Demoen Other May 23 13m 09s
16m 35s
+0m 04s 3m 56s +0m 01s/km
4 L. O'Rourke McLaren May 24 13m 10s +0m 01s 3m 56s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: Little warm up before a cycle up the Madone
5 R. Paterson Caterham May 23 13m 15s +0m 05s 3m 58s +0m 01s/km
Comment/excuse: Bit of traffic through rascasse
6 G. Demoen Other May 21 13m 17s
16m 32s
+0m 02s 3m 58s +0m 00s/km
7 S. Lock Caterham May 23 13m 21s +0m 04s 3m 59s +0m 01s/km
8 S. Michael McLaren May 21 13m 54s +0m 33s 4m 09s +0m 09s/km
9 O. Gold Caterham May 21 13m 55s +0m 01s 4m 10s +0m 00s/km
10 F. Dallot Caterham May 22 14m 07s +0m 12s 4m 13s +0m 03s/km
11 O. Gold Caterham May 20 14m 20s +0m 13s 4m 17s +0m 03s/km
12 F. Dallot Caterham May 21 14m 23s +0m 03s 4m 18s +0m 00s/km
13 F. Dallot Caterham May 20 14m 31s +0m 08s 4m 20s +0m 02s/km
14 D. Williams McLaren May 22 14m 40s
16m 00s
+0m 09s 4m 23s +0m 02s/km
15 D. Williams McLaren May 22 14m 40s
16m 00s
+0m 00s 4m 23s +0m 00s/km
16 M. Gray Mercedes May 23 14m 45s +0m 05s 4m 24s +0m 01s/km
17 O. Janssen Red Bull May 24 15m 39s +0m 54s 4m 41s +0m 16s/km
18 D. Williams McLaren May 20 16m 32s
15m 40s
+0m 01s 4m 41s +0m 00s/km
19 E. Regan Marussia May 22 15m 52s +0m 12s 4m 45s +0m 03s/km
20 E. Regan Marussia May 20 15m 53s +0m 01s 4m 45s +0m 00s/km
21 M. Thompson Getty Images May 24 15m 57s +0m 04s 4m 46s +0m 01s/km
22 S. Lock Caterham May 24 16m 20s +0m 23s 4m 53s +0m 06s/km
23 A. Ferrans Sky Sports F1 May 19 16m 30s +0m 10s 4m 56s +0m 02s/km
24 S. Humphries Caterham May 24 16m 32s +0m 02s 4m 57s +0m 00s/km
Comment/excuse: To much people traffic at rascas
25 J. Noble Autosport May 21 16m 34s +0m 02s 4m 57s +0m 00s/km
26 R. Sprules Lotus May 20 16m 40s +0m 06s 4m 59s +0m 01s/km
27 A. Davies Mercedes May 23 16m 46s
17m 59s
+0m 06s 5m 01s +0m 01s/km
28 P. Nygaard Other May 21 16m 48s +0m 02s 5m 01s +0m 00s/km
29 S. ergei Caterham May 21 16m 58s +0m 10s 5m 04s +0m 02s/km
30 S. ergei Caterham May 22 17m 00s +0m 02s 5m 05s +0m 00s/km
31 I. Jones Lotus May 24 17m 00s +0m 00s 5m 05s +0m 00s/km
32 D. Broadribb Lotus May 24 17m 13s +0m 13s 5m 09s +0m 03s/km
33 S. ergei Caterham May 24 17m 13s +0m 00s 5m 09s +0m 00s/km
34 A. Ferrans Sky Sports F1 May 20 17m 19s +0m 06s 5m 11s +0m 01s/km
35 C. Dolan BBC F1 May 22 17m 33s +0m 14s 5m 15s +0m 04s/km
36 D. Picariello Other May 22 18m 03s +0m 30s 5m 24s +0m 08s/km
37 D. Ashton Lotus May 24 18m 05s +0m 02s 5m 24s +0m 00s/km
38 M. Stirnberg Other May 21 18m 20s +0m 15s 5m 29s +0m 04s/km
39 D. Hale Mercedes May 24 18m 34s +0m 14s 5m 33s +0m 04s/km
40 S. king McLaren May 24 18m 41s +0m 07s 5m 35s +0m 02s/km
41 T. Webb Caterham May 23 18m 54s +0m 13s 5m 39s +0m 03s/km
Comment/excuse: Traffic in S3 definitely cost me time - maybe strategy was to blame. Not just drunkards...
42 T. Webb Caterham May 24 19m 28s +0m 34s 5m 49s +0m 10s/km
Comment/excuse: Sodding traffic....
43 D. Hale Mercedes May 21 19m 59s +0m 31s 5m 58s +0m 09s/km
44 S. Bradley Mercedes Nov 21 30m 00s +10m 01s 8m 58s +2m 59s/km
45 M. Smith Lotus May 23 34m 20s
10m 00s
+4m 20s 10m 16s +1m 17s/km
46 S. Amelichkina Other May 25 37m 05s +2m 45s 11m 06s +0m 49s/km
47 P. Lundin Sutton Images May 21 56m 09s +19m 04s 16m 48s +5m 42s/km
Comment/excuse: track walk
* indicates installation laps rather than a full lap (start line to finish line)...