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The King's Track Guide : Albert Park
The 2016 Australian Grand Prix The 2016 Australian Grand Prix, Sun 20 Mar 2016
Circuit : Albert Park, located in Melbourne, Australia
Full Lap distance 5.303km, installation lap distance 5.239km
Lap Record 17m 11s set by Dan Sims, set in 2016

In many respects the most challenging aspect of running the Albert Park circuit is having the opportunity to get onto the track over the course of a frantically busy race weekend.

Once safely onto the circuit, how is to run? Almost perfectly flat from start to finish, Albert Park could be seen as the perfect opening lap of the year for those not wanting to begin with anything too challenging. The circuit is one of the longer ones we visit at 5.3km though so leave something in the tank for the closing part of the lap, especially if we see a return of the strong wind that blew down the start/finish straight last year.

It’s very easy / tempting to cut the course in a couple of places, especially at the left - right at the end of the back straight, but remember you will only be cheating yourself! Watch out too for cones and tape at every low bridge / advertising hoarding that could catch out the unwary.

In all honesty Albert Park is not one of my favourite circuits to run it is just a little bit dull compared to the rest of the city, which is a mecca for runners and sports enthusiasts. To pick out just one from the many possible runs in Melbourne, I urge those suitably located to run at least one lap of the Tan Track which is choc full of runners from dusk to dawn.

My advice - run one lap of Albert Park and do your bit for the fantastic UBS supported charity, then head out and explore the rest of an amazing city best viewed with trainers on.

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A very special thanks to Matthew Kingston-Lee for this feature. Matthew (better known as MKL) is a twice RTT World Champion and all round nice guy. Since 2012 Matthew has been providing a invaluable track by track runners guide for each of the F1 tracks.

If you'd like to provide some feedback on this guide, or maybe suggest some changes or additions, please get in contact here.