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Make-A-Wish, our chosen charity
Initially this site was started early in 2010 with the idea of having a bit of fun in the serious world of F1. During the winter of 2010 I was approched by UBS with a simple question, "How could they help RunThatTrack to make a charitable difference to a worthwile organisation?". I thought Make–A-Wish® would be appropriate as we have all been lucky enough to follow our dreams to work in F1, so it's a nice fit to be able to help others less fortunate to maybe realise some of their dreams....

Since the start of the RunThatTrack and UBS partnership, UBS has generously donated $1,358,200 to Make-A-Wish on behalf of the RunThatTrack runners. Amazing. I know we have a lot of fun running the track and enjoy the friendly rivalry and inter team competition, but when you stop and think about how much each person and team has raised for the worthwhile Make-A-Wish cause, I think we can all be proud. For each event of the 2013 and 2014 season, Make-A-Wish have shared with us a special wish so that we can see some of the amazing work they do, below are some of the wishes granted over the past 2 years...
Australia 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $11,200
Every day is a battle for Elias, but he is determined to enjoy himself and continues to amaze his friends and family each and every day. The now nine-year-old has been fighting for his life since before he was even born. Read the full story about Elias here.
Malaysia 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $13,500
Naufal loves trains and cars and wished to have a day filled with his favourite vehicles! It was revving start to a thrilling day for Naufal when he arrived at KL Sentral and saw the KLIA Express fast train up close for his very first time. Read the full story about Naufal here.
Spain 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $27,100
Adrián wanted to be a firefighter. He loved firefighting so much, in fact, that Adrián's enthusiasm motivated his doctor to contact Make-A-Wish® Spain. With the help of some Barcelona firefighters, volunteers coordinated all aspects of the wish day for Adrián Read the full story about Adrian here.
Monaco 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $3,400
More than anything, five-year-old Leo wanted to meet NBA Star Tony Parker. Leo was able to meet his hero Tony Parker while he was in Antibes preparing for the France national team’s game against Serbia. Read the full story about Leo here.
Canada 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $13,200
Standing face to face with a curious but relaxed polar bear, with only deer fencing separating you from such a magnificent animal at home in its natural habitat – we were fully aware that this wish was outside the typical scope of wishes! Read the full story about Zachary here.
Britain 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $11,400
13 year old Daniel Nabhani, from Yeovil, was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (a rare bone cancer) in September 2012. He loves Formula 1, fast cars and Top Gear, and aspires to be an F1 driver - and thanks to Make-A-Wish, Daniel enjoyed a fast car experience at Silverstone! Read the full story about Daniel here.
Germany 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $11,900
When it came to choosing his wish, Loris new he wanted to travel across the ocean to feel what it means to be American, exploring New York CIty together with his family. Read the full story about Loris here.
Belgium 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $18,900
Sofie wanted to become a clothing designer. She dreamed about bringing her own clothing line to the fashion market. As part of her wish, Sofie designed 10 outfits, six of which were specially made for her fashion show. Read the full story about Sofie here.
Italy 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $15,300
Crowds surged forward to get a glimpse of 2,000 years of history. David marveled at the structure before him – he had built his own model of the Pantheon once, at school. But this … it was much more than a page out of a book or a model. Italy had finally come alive. Finally. Read the full story about David here.
Singapore 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $14,200
Before I ride the plane, I was counting.. 10 more days… 9 more days and then suddenly it was 0 days! I finally can go to Disneyland Hong Kong and see my favourite Disney Princesses. I even had dinner with Mickey and Minnie Mouse! I love Make-A-Wish!” Read the full story about Mushira here.
Japan 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $17,300
Jared is more than Jonah’s big brother. He’s also his best friend. But while Jared serves in the Air Force on one side of the globe, Jared remains on the other side... Read the full story about Jarad here.
America 2014 : Make-A-Wish donation raised $13,100
Dylan is a 4 year-old from Austin with malignant brain tumors. When asked about his one true wish, Dylan’s fascination with volcanoes was obvious. His dream was to see a real one up close! Read the full story about Dylan here.
About Make-A-Wish...
Make-A-Wish is a charity with a simple purpose - to grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions, to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Make-A-Wish has become the largest wish-granting organisation in the world and can be found in over 50 countries on five continents. With the help of generous donors and over 30,000 volunteers, Make-A-Wish has granted more than 334,000 wishes worldwide since inception.

Make-A-Wish believe few things can be more important, or more deserving, than giving a seriously ill child the chance to have their wish come true, with all the hope, expectation and happiness that brings. For many families the Make-A-Wish memory can be the last happy memory they have of their child having fun in a magical world, surrounded by family and friends - rather than memories of days and weeks of painful treatments and hospitalisation. The memory of the wish may be of their child laughing and enjoying being a princess or zoo keeper for the day or meeting a favourite celebrity. In years to come, the family can look back and remember that special time.

You can find more information about Make-A-Wish by visiting their website here.