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News Article : Abu Dhabi Run & Awards
Published: 26/11/2015 by : Simon Morillas

Hello all and welcome to the last RunThatTrack (and F1) race for the 2015 season – Abu Dhabi.

Before we get to Abu Dhabi, I need a minute to make a bit of a song and dance about two amazing milestones that we have just passed, firstly, we have just hit the 100,000km total distance mark since we started RunThatTrack in 2010 (that's about 18,000 submitted laps folks!), and more importantly, we have passed the $200,000 donation total for the 2015 season, that's an incredible amount and thanks to UBS, who are giving double donations this weekend, we are hoping to bump that figure up a bit further.

We've finally made it to the end of another F1 season, and what a season it has been, not just for the cars on track but also you, the runners! A quick look at the Championships page shows that it's all still to play for in the all important F1 Points and UBS Cup Championships, and for the first time this season it looks like Mercedes can win neither

As far back as we can remember, this is the first time in the history of RunThatTrack that the F1 Points Championship will come down to the wire, with A. Wybrott and L. O'Rourke of McLaren fighting it out for the top place!

In the UBS Cup Championship it's also too close to call, with A. Wilczek of Riedel and G. Allport of Manor F1 fighting for the top place, and unlike the F1 Points Championship, both runners will have to deliver a personal best and hope the other is a little off pace to secure the coveted UBS Cow Bell!

So, given that we still have a few titles to decide, and that it's the final race of the season, we thought you might like to help us go out with a bang with one final ‘flying lap’ on Saturday night! To add a bit more razzle to the occasion, you’ll be running under lights!

So get your running kit together, pack a bottle of water (it will still be warm!) and head down to the Start/Finish line at about 21:45 local time (just after Parc Fermé finishes)! Be sure to bring a friend of two, the more the merrier to ensure the season ends on a high!

To make sure we help create this season-finale buzz, we're working on a few surprises to mix it up a bit, but we’ll tell you more about that later in the week!

After you’ve set a final lap time of the season, we'll be holding our traditional end of season Award Ceremony in the UBS Paddock Club suite. Drinks and food will be served and awards handed out. We've also managed to get a special guest for the ceremony, so your attendance is requested!

Is there a better way to start a Saturday evening in Abu Dhabi? Get it in the diary now!

So, that’s about it for another year. I’m sure as always I have forgotten someone or something, but with that it's just left for me to say the customary Group Run sign-off, "It does not matter if you win or lose, it's just the taking part that matters, so come on down to the Start/Finish line on Saturday night, have some fun and help raise the donation total for the UBS Optimus Foundation". Until then, enjoy the weekend and look forward to Saturday night.


Simon Morillas
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