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News Article : Race 2: Malaysia
Published: 25/03/2014 by : Simon Morillas

Race 2 2014, Malaysia. After the week that was the Australian Grand Prix the merry F1 circus heads to Malaysia. Before we get onto Malaysia fully, let's start with a bit of a recap of Australia.

Australia was one of those events that always seemed to be an age away during winter testing but then somehow arrived a little too quickly in the end! For all the new rules and regulation changes that Australia 2014 introduced, the racing seemed to be much the same, although somewhat quieter then expected. Australia also saw the launch of the new RunThatTrack website, and after the 5th year of doing this I seemed to have finally gotten the hang of getting the site live before the cars got onto the track for P1, a first for RTT. Australia also saw the first Group Run of the season, and would you believe it, we had to cancel it again for the second year running, what is it about Melbourne and rain.... I'm sure next year in Oz we'll try again, hopefully 3rd time lucky right? Despite the weather, the jetlag and of course the all-nighters, we had 96 lap submissions for Oz, with a healthy $7,800 raised for Make-A-Wish thanks to our friends at UBS.

So, back to Malaysia. What's in store for us this weekend? A quick look at the Meteo tells me that it's going to be another wet weekend, so all you runners should get out onto the track as early as possible to get a banker lap submitted. Regarding the actual track, the King's Track Guide tells us "The Sepang International Circuit ranks with the likes of Spa and Suzuka as a must run track. This is not because it is the most scenic, nor historic, nor elevation wise tasking of circuits. It is simply because the oppressive Malaysian climate makes a lap or (for the sadistic) two one of the most challenging experiences a normally fair-weathered runner is likely to ever experience." So, there you go. But I should probably add a bit of a health warning too for Malaysia, so here you go (again from the King's Track Guide) "Whenever you head out for your lap of Sepang, I advise being well hydrated before you depart, carry liquid with you on your run and slow your pace somewhat to allow for the effect the humidity will have on you. Then, once successfully completed, bask in the knowledge that nearly every other run you'll ever do will not be as hard as that one."

What else do we have new for Malaysia? Thanks to Make-A-Wish Malaysia we have a new Wish Story for this event, you can read all about Nauful's day here. Anything else? Actually not much. I've managed to fix a few small bugs, the Pointless Chart will probably get a new update with even more pointless data and that's about it. So with that I'll leave you, as always if you have any thoughts or ideas feel free to get in touch.
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