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News Article : New Pointless Chart!
Published: 29/03/2014 by : Simon Morillas

The RunThatTrack inbox has literally been inundated with a single email regarding the Pointless Chart, I suspect the rain delayed session in Malaysia allowed a bit of time for some web surfing for those engineers bored of looking at the UBIMET weather feed....

So, it's my great pleasure to add a new Pointless Chart to the collection. This week's chart comes to us from Michael Manning at Red Bull who clearly has given up worrying about fuel flow sensors and has instead focused his energy on the big issues of the Pointless Chart. Michael's very detailed and descriptive email was simply a one liner "Laps completed by nationality per capita". To be honest it took me a few minutes to work out exactly what he meant, but after a bit of googling I have some numbers, so here you have the Manning Pointless Chart; the number of laps submitted by each nationality divided by the total population of that nationality, eg 218 laps submitted by Irish runners vs the 4,593,100 population of Ireland! Nice one mate.
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