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News Article : Hungary Group Run
Published: 25/07/2014 by : Simon Morillas

In a season that has had just about everything so far, it's fitting that we head to beautiful Budapest for the wind down before the well deserved Summer Break. With all the racing over the past few weeks and months, a little R&R is just what everybody's looking forward to; and now it's just one more weekend to make it through before the family, the beach, beer and bbq's get some of the attention that they deserve, but not before we complete the final Group Run before the mid session interval.... That's right folks, it's Group Run time again!

The Group Runs this year have been a bit of a mixed bag, we've had weather extremes, cancellations, the crazy dual run in Spain, so it's with a bit of optimism that we head into the Hungary Group Run hoping that it will be all systems back to normal. Looking at the weather for the weekend, it looks like we have a sunny window for Saturday evening; perfect conditions for a lap around the circuit before heading out for a beer in downtown Buda or Pest.

By now I think most of you have a handle of the Group Run concept, but for those runners joining us, the basic concept is this:

Saturday night we'll all meet on the start/finish line (6:30pm for a 6:45pm start - or 15 mins after parc ferme starts). After a bit of faffing around, our friends at UBS will give us a few works of encouragement before sending us off for a gentle lap around the track. In terms of organisation, don't worry about that, as usual our friends at UBS have sorted it all out with the organisers etc and we are good to go. If you've not experienced a Group Run before make sure you come and join in, it's a priceless F1 experience and I've yet to find anyone who hasn't enjoyed it.

Following the Group Run make sure you submit your lap so that it can count towards the UBS supported donation total for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Looking at the total, we are so close to cracking the $1Million mark that as a result we are planning on having another Group Run in Spa to celebrate!

Next week I will get the Group Run pics online, but following that the site will be down for the first week of the Summer Shutdown so I that can roll out some big changes to the site. Hopefully the update will only take a few days, so by the time you get to Spa refreshed and rejuvenated the site will be all ready to take you through to the end of the season....

Ok, so that's about it from me, it's just left for me to say the customary Group Run signoff of "It does not matter if you win or lose, it's just the taking part that matters, so come on down to the start/finish line on Saturday night and and have some fun and help raise the donation total for the Make-A-Wish Foundation".

Cheers, Simon
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