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Pointless Charts : A RunThatTrack F1 Data Production
Everyone is always getting excited about F1 data, especially when it's presented in a graphical format. Well, over the past few years we here at the RunThatTrack Institute of Safe Track Running have started to collect a fair bit of data regarding lap times, calories burnt, yada yada yada. For 2014 we thought it might be a good idea to start presenting some of this data, that right, we're sharing F1 data!

Except this is RunThatTrack. For the past 5 years I have been running this silly little website and everybody keeps taking it more and more seriously. I think it's high time we got back to doing more ridiculous things, so I'm starting here with Pointless Charts, that's right, charts that are possibly interesting but displayed in a completely pointless way. As the events pass through the season I will keep this page updated with new and even more pointless charts, check back often...
Spa : A Race Distance Pointless Chart
After Mr Manning's stunning Pointless Chart debut, the RunThatTrack inbox has been eerily quiet in the Pointless Chart Suggestion section.... Not to worry, the summer break has give the RTT HQ a bit of time to regroup and come up with a new Pointless Chart, I present a new Pointless Race Distance Chart.

Race Charts are something we all see constantly, but being the RunThatTrack Pointless Chart, our Race Chart is slightly different. Looking at all the laps we have run over the past 5 years, the below chart shows how many grand prix distances we have completed for each of the 2014 circuits. Eg for Oz, as a group we have run a combined 2412.87km around the circuit, the official GP distance is 307.57km, so we have completed 7.84 Grand Prix distances....
The Pointless Chart for Race 1, Australia can be found here...
Mr Manning's Pointless Chart can be found here...
Get involved with the Pointless Chart Team
If you'd like to get involved and have a great idea for a pointless chart, good for you. Email me here and if it's truly pointless I'll publish it on this site with a little credit to you for you pointlessnes...