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Autosport's Public Page
This page contains all the public submissions for Autosport. The first table shows a brief summary of the activity over the past five RunThatTrack seasons. The tables following that display all of the laps for each individual season for this team.
Autosport's Summary
Year Submissions Total Laps Avg. Pace Best Pace Season Distance Calories Burnt Donation Raised
2013 28 31 5m 08s 4m 50s 162.68km 10,970.17 $2,800
2014 56 56 4m 37s 3m 48s 291.37km 19,065.33 $5,700
2015 35 38 4m 42s 4m 03s 197.92km 13,004.67 $3,800
2016 25 27 4m 30s 4m 06s 134.67km 8,754.96 $0
Total 144 152 4m 43s 3m 48s 786.64km 51,795.13 $12,300
Autosport's 2016 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Australia Apr 17 B. Anderson 23m 13s 4m 22s 4m 22s
Australia Apr 18 L. Barretto 24m 29s 4m 37s 4m 29s
Bahrain May 2 B. Anderson 23m 32s 4m 20s 4m 26s
Bahrain May 2 L. Barretto 25m 02s 4m 37s 4m 29s
Russia May 29 L. Barretto 25m 54s 4m 25s 4m 28s
Spain Jun 12 L. Barretto 21m 01s 4m 30s 4m 29s
Monaco Jun 27 B. Anderson 13m 42s
15m 12s
4m 06s 4m 25s
Canada Jul 9 B. Anderson 18m 18s 4m 11s 4m 24s
Canada Jul 11 B. Anderson 18m 20s 4m 12s 4m 22s
Canada Jul 11 L. Barretto 19m 49s 4m 32s 4m 23s
Europe Jul 16 B. Anderson 26m 35s 4m 25s 4m 23s
Europe Jul 17 L. Barretto 29m 28s 4m 54s 4m 26s
Austria Aug 2 L. Barretto 20m 51s 4m 49s 4m 28s
Austria Aug 2 B. Anderson 10m 00s
20m 55s
4m 50s 4m 29s
Comment/excuse: Warm-up then push.
Britain Aug 8 B. Anderson 25m 44s 4m 22s 4m 29s
Britain Aug 9 L. Barretto 28m 40s 4m 52s 4m 30s
Britain Aug 9 B. Anderson 25m 49s 4m 22s 4m 30s
Comment/excuse: Bastard headwind...
Hungary Aug 22 B. Anderson 19m 10s 4m 22s 4m 29s
Hungary Aug 22 L. Barretto 19m 38s 4m 28s 4m 29s
Germany Aug 29 L. Barretto 20m 39s 4m 30s 4m 29s
Italy Oct 1 L. Barretto 26m 29s 4m 34s 4m 30s
Malaysia Oct 29 B. Anderson 24m 55s 4m 29s 4m 29s
Japan Nov 6 B. Anderson 26m 25s 4m 32s 4m 30s
America Nov 21 B. Anderson 24m 48s 4m 29s 4m 30s
Brazil Dec 12 L. Barretto 19m 47s 4m 35s 4m 30s
Autosport's 2015 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Australia Apr 12 L. Barretto 28m 26s 5m 21s 5m 21s
Australia Apr 12 B. Anderson 10m 00s
27m 40s
5m 13s 5m 17s
Malaysia Apr 26 L. Barretto 30m 14s 5m 27s 5m 20s
Malaysia Apr 26 B. Anderson 24m 29s
29m 46s
4m 25s 5m 06s
China May 9 L. Barretto 27m 54s 5m 07s 5m 06s
China May 9 B. Anderson 24m 48s
27m 37s
4m 32s 5m 01s
Spain Jun 7 S. Codling 27m 28s 5m 54s 5m 08s
Spain Jun 9 L. Barretto 23m 31s 5m 03s 5m 08s
Monaco Jun 20 L. Barretto 16m 26s 4m 55s 5m 06s
Canada Jul 4 L. Barretto 21m 27s 4m 55s 5m 05s
Canada Jul 6 B. Anderson 17m 55s 4m 06s 5m 00s
Austria Jul 18 L. Barretto 22m 01s 5m 05s 5m 00s
Austria Jul 18 B. Anderson 19m 16s 4m 27s 4m 57s
Austria Jul 23 L. Barretto 21m 48s 5m 02s 4m 58s
Britain Aug 2 B. Anderson 25m 18s 4m 17s 4m 55s
Britain Aug 2 L. Barretto 28m 22s 4m 48s 4m 55s
Hungary Aug 23 B. Anderson 18m 40s 4m 15s 4m 52s
Hungary Aug 23 L. Barretto 20m 14s 4m 37s 4m 51s
Belgium Sep 22 B. Anderson 32m 30s 4m 38s 4m 51s
Belgium Sep 22 L. Barretto 36m 38s 5m 13s 4m 52s
Italy Oct 3 B. Anderson 24m 44s 4m 16s 4m 50s
Italy Oct 3 L. Barretto 26m 31s 4m 34s 4m 49s
Singapore Oct 17 B. Anderson 20m 37s 4m 03s 4m 47s
Comment/excuse: Stopped watch too late, so a bit quicker in reality.
Singapore Oct 17 L. Barretto 23m 54s 4m 42s 4m 47s
Japan Oct 24 L. Barretto 26m 29s 4m 33s 4m 47s
Russia Nov 8 L. Barretto 27m 30s 4m 41s 4m 46s
Russia Nov 8 B. Anderson 24m 44s 4m 13s 4m 45s
Comment/excuse: Head wind!
America Nov 23 L. Barretto 26m 21s 4m 46s 4m 45s
Mexico Nov 30 B. Anderson 18m 48s 4m 15s 4m 44s
Mexico Nov 31 L. Barretto 19m 23s 4m 23s 4m 43s
Brazil Dec 12 L. Barretto 20m 59s 4m 52s 4m 44s
AbuDhabi Dec 26 L. Barretto 26m 26s 4m 45s 4m 44s
AbuDhabi Dec 26 B. Anderson 23m 27s 4m 13s 4m 43s
AbuDhabi Dec 28 L. Barretto 26m 06s 4m 41s 4m 43s
AbuDhabi Dec 28 B. Anderson 23m 09s 4m 10s 4m 42s
Autosport's 2014 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Australia Apr 15 J. Noble 25m 56s 4m 53s 4m 53s
Australia Apr 15 B. Anderson 22m 03s 4m 09s 4m 31s
Malaysia Apr 27 J. Noble 29m 54s 5m 23s 4m 48s
Bahrain May 4 B. Anderson 22m 02s 4m 04s 4m 37s
Bahrain May 4 J. Noble 27m 50s 5m 08s 4m 43s
China May 18 B. Anderson 21m 25s 3m 55s 4m 35s
Comment/excuse: A good run in the dark. Almost took the wrong hairpin early on and had to cut back through the gravel!
China May 18 J. Noble 26m 33s 4m 52s 4m 38s
Spain Jun 7 J. Noble 22m 37s 4m 51s 4m 39s
Spain Jun 8 B. Anderson 18m 30s 3m 58s 4m 35s
Spain Jun 9 B. Anderson 19m 04s 4m 05s 4m 32s
Comment/excuse: Hotter conditions than yesterday
Spain Jun 10 J. Noble 22m 28s 4m 49s 4m 33s
Monaco Jun 21 J. Noble 16m 34s 4m 57s 4m 35s
Canada Jul 5 B. Anderson 17m 04s 3m 54s 4m 32s
Canada Jul 5 J. Noble 21m 54s 5m 01s 4m 34s
Canada Jul 7 B. Anderson 16m 58s 3m 53s 4m 31s
Austria Jul 18 B. Anderson 17m 55s 4m 08s 4m 30s
Austria Jul 18 J. Noble 23m 35s 5m 27s 4m 33s
Austria Jul 21 J. Noble 24m 35s 5m 40s 4m 37s
Austria Jul 21 B. Anderson 17m 28s 4m 02s 4m 35s
Britain Aug 3 J. Noble 29m 35s 5m 01s 4m 36s
Britain Aug 3 B. Anderson 23m 34s 4m 00s 4m 35s
Britain Aug 5 B. Anderson 23m 01s 3m 54s 4m 33s
Britain Aug 5 J. Noble 30m 00s 5m 05s 4m 34s
Germany Aug 18 B. Anderson 17m 42s 3m 52s 4m 33s
Comment/excuse: Brutally hot conditions
Germany Aug 18 J. Noble 23m 55s 5m 13s 4m 34s
Hungary Aug 24 B. Anderson 17m 26s 3m 58s 4m 33s
Hungary Aug 24 J. Noble 22m 34s 5m 09s 4m 34s
Hungary Aug 26 J. Noble 21m 43s 4m 57s 4m 35s
Hungary Aug 26 B. Anderson 16m 43s 3m 48s 4m 33s
Comment/excuse: First group run. 4th place. Amazed by how much being in a race pulled me along. Great cause too.
Belgium Sep 22 B. Anderson 30m 59s 4m 25s 4m 33s
Belgium Sep 23 J. Noble 39m 16s 5m 36s 4m 35s
Belgium Sep 23 B. Anderson 29m 10s 4m 09s 4m 34s
Italy Oct 4 B. Anderson 25m 18s 4m 22s 4m 34s
Italy Oct 4 J. Noble 29m 29s 5m 05s 4m 35s
Italy Oct 6 B. Anderson 24m 21s 4m 12s 4m 34s
Singapore Oct 19 B. Anderson 20m 23s 4m 01s 4m 33s
Singapore Oct 19 J. Noble 25m 54s 5m 06s 4m 34s
Singapore Oct 20 B. Anderson 20m 38s 4m 04s 4m 33s
Singapore Oct 20 J. Noble 25m 51s 5m 05s 4m 34s
Japan Nov 2 B. Anderson 24m 30s 4m 13s 4m 34s
Comment/excuse: Nice night run
Japan Nov 2 J. Noble 31m 20s 5m 23s 4m 35s
Russia Nov 9 B. Anderson 24m 56s 4m 15s 4m 34s
Russia Nov 9 J. Noble 29m 33s 5m 02s 4m 35s
Russia Nov 11 J. Noble 30m 03s 5m 08s 4m 36s
Russia Nov 11 B. Anderson 24m 35s 4m 12s 4m 35s
America Nov 30 B. Anderson 22m 56s 4m 09s 4m 35s
America Nov 30 J. Noble 29m 57s 5m 25s 4m 36s
America Dec 1 B. Anderson 22m 10s 4m 01s 4m 35s
America Dec 1 J. Noble 29m 00s 5m 15s 4m 36s
Brazil Dec 6 J. Noble 23m 40s 5m 29s 4m 37s
Brazil Dec 6 B. Anderson 18m 13s 4m 13s 4m 36s
Brazil Dec 8 J. Noble 23m 34s 5m 28s 4m 37s
AbuDhabi Dec 20 B. Anderson 23m 34s 4m 14s 4m 37s
AbuDhabi Dec 20 J. Noble 28m 34s 5m 08s 4m 37s
AbuDhabi Dec 22 J. Noble 28m 11s 5m 04s 4m 38s
AbuDhabi Dec 22 B. Anderson 22m 10s 3m 59s 4m 37s
Autosport's 2013 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Australia Apr 16 J. Noble 27m 12s 5m 07s 5m 07s
Comment/excuse: Group Run may have been cancelled
Malaysia Apr 23 J. Noble 27m 48s 5m 00s 5m 04s
China May 13 J. Noble 26m 37s 4m 52s 5m 00s
Bahrain May 20 J. Noble 27m 56s 5m 09s 5m 02s
Bahrain May 20 J. Noble 28m 19s 5m 13s 5m 05s
Spain Jun 9 J. Noble 23m 38s 5m 04s 5m 04s
Spain Jun 11 J. Noble 22m 39s 4m 51s 5m 03s
Monaco Jun 25 J. Noble 17m 31s 5m 14s 5m 04s
Canada Jul 6 J. Noble 21m 55s 5m 01s 5m 04s
Canada Jul 8 J. Noble 21m 06s 4m 50s 5m 02s
Britain Jul 28 J. Noble 29m 39s 5m 02s 5m 02s
Germany Aug 4 J. Noble 27m 28s 5m 20s 5m 04s
Germany Aug 6 J. Noble 28m 32s 5m 32s 5m 06s
Comment/excuse: Huge degradation since Thursday
Hungary Aug 26 J. Noble 22m 55s 5m 13s 5m 06s
Belgium Sep 24 J. Noble 37m 47s 5m 23s 5m 08s
Italy Oct 6 J. Noble 29m 30s 5m 05s 5m 07s
Singapore Oct 19 J. Noble 25m 23s 5m 00s 5m 07s
Singapore Oct 21 J. Noble 28m 59s
28m 53s
5m 41s 5m 09s
Korea Nov 4 J. Noble 32m 12s
29m 04s
5m 10s 5m 09s
Korea Nov 5 J. Noble 27m 48s 4m 56s 5m 08s
Japan Nov 10 J. Noble 31m 05s 5m 21s 5m 09s
Japan Nov 12 J. Noble 29m 07s 5m 00s 5m 08s
India Nov 25 J. Noble 25m 55s 5m 03s 5m 08s
AbuDhabi Dec 1 J. Noble 27m 08s 4m 53s 5m 08s
AbuDhabi Dec 2 J. Noble 30m 55s
31m 32s
5m 33s 5m 09s
America Dec 15 J. Noble 27m 35s 5m 00s 5m 08s
America Dec 17 J. Noble 28m 05s 5m 05s 5m 08s
Brazil Dec 21 J. Noble 22m 21s 5m 11s 5m 08s