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FanVision's Public Page
This page contains all the public submissions for FanVision. The first table shows a brief summary of the activity over the past five RunThatTrack seasons. The tables following that display all of the laps for each individual season for this team.
FanVision's Summary
Year Submissions Total Laps Avg. Pace Best Pace Season Distance Calories Burnt Donation Raised
2010 9 11 4m 04s 3m 40s 56.24km 3,585.89 $900
2011 37 65 4m 29s 3m 41s 325.72km 21,106.89 $3,700
2012 61 112 4m 33s 3m 31s 592.05km 38,629.84 $7,700
Total 107 188 4m 29s 3m 31s 974.00km 63,322.62 $12,300
FanVision's 2012 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Australia Apr 10 C. Leitold 24m 55s
24m 18s
4m 34s 4m 34s
Spain Apr 12 A. Harvey 26m 25s 5m 40s 5m 07s
Comment/excuse: Just made it before the rain!
Malaysia Apr 22 C. Leitold 26m 21s
24m 38s
4m 26s 4m 54s
Malaysia Apr 24 C. Leitold 24m 15s 4m 22s 4m 46s
Comment/excuse: 38 degC is too hot to go any faster
China May 12 C. Leitold 24m 55s
23m 05s
4m 14s 4m 39s
China May 14 C. Leitold 21m 05s 3m 52s 4m 31s
Comment/excuse: Podium @ GroupRun
Spain Jun 10 C. Leitold 21m 06s
22m 05s
4m 31s 4m 31s
Spain Jun 12 C. Leitold 17m 38s 3m 47s 4m 26s
Canada Jul 7 C. Leitold 20m 18s
18m 37s
4m 16s 4m 25s
Canada Jul 9 C. Leitold 15m 45s
16m 44s
3m 36s 4m 20s
Comment/excuse: I never do this again - fast warm up lap for a group run - heat gona kill me
Europe Jul 21 C. Leitold 29m 50s
28m 00s
5m 10s 4m 24s
Europe Jul 23 C. Leitold 20m 03s 3m 41s 4m 21s
Britain Aug 7 C. Leitold 22m 24s 3m 48s 4m 18s
Germany Aug 19 C. Leitold 22m 00s
19m 20s
4m 13s 4m 18s
Germany Aug 22 C. Leitold 17m 00s 3m 42s 4m 15s
Hungary Aug 24 C. Leitold 21m 33s
22m 00s
4m 55s 4m 18s
Hungary Aug 26 C. Leitold 21m 36s
20m 10s
4m 36s 4m 19s
Hungary Aug 28 C. Leitold 16m 45s 3m 49s 4m 17s
Comment/excuse: Nice GroupRun! Anyone who wanna do a GroupRun in Belgium as well on Saturday 15min after parc ferme or on Thursday? contact me on facebook or via
Belgium Sep 30 A. Harvey 42m 00s 5m 59s 4m 23s
Belgium Sep 30 C. Leitold 32m 50s
33m 52s
4m 41s 4m 24s
Belgium Oct 1 C. Leitold 27m 45s 3m 57s 4m 22s
Italy Oct 6 A. Harvey 34m 00s 5m 52s 4m 26s
Italy Oct 6 C. Leitold 28m 36s
26m 47s
4m 37s 4m 27s
Italy Oct 8 C. Leitold 21m 40s 3m 44s 4m 25s
Singapore Oct 19 C. Leitold 23m 26s
26m 35s
4m 37s 4m 26s
Singapore Oct 20 C. Leitold 24m 31s
26m 31s
24m 38s
4m 49s 4m 26s
Singapore Oct 22 C. Leitold 19m 12s
25m 11s
3m 47s 4m 25s
Japan Nov 2 C. Leitold 28m 30s
28m 25s
28m 20s
4m 52s 4m 26s
Japan Nov 3 C. Leitold 29m 17s
25m 34s
28m 35s
34m 35s
4m 24s 4m 26s
Comment/excuse: Last lap killed me!!!
Japan Nov 4 C. Leitold 30m 00s
28m 09s
4m 50s 4m 27s
Japan Nov 6 A. Harvey 32m 45s 5m 38s 4m 29s
Japan Nov 6 C. Leitold 22m 31s 3m 52s 4m 28s
Korea Nov 10 C. Leitold 24m 39s
28m 26s
23m 32s
4m 11s 4m 27s
Korea Nov 11 A. Harvey 31m 10s 5m 32s 4m 29s
Korea Nov 11 C. Leitold 25m 07s
26m 27s
4m 28s 4m 29s
Korea Nov 13 A. Harvey 30m 45s 5m 28s 4m 31s
Korea Nov 13 C. Leitold 20m 09s 3m 35s 4m 29s
India Nov 25 C. Leitold 22m 27s 4m 22s 4m 29s
Comment/excuse: Celebration run as I finished 300km on race track so far this year :-)
India Nov 26 C. Leitold 18m 05s
22m 22s
3m 31s 4m 28s
Comment/excuse: Had to go for a run on the Austrian national holiday and I finally reached my target time of 3:30 per km :-). 2nd lap with Daniel was smoothly. Unfortunately today I'm not feeling good at all so I miss my 60th lap of the season :-(
India Nov 27 A. Harvey 28m 00s 5m 27s 4m 29s
AbuDhabi Nov 31 C. Leitold 25m 01s
27m 17s
25m 12s
36m 08s
4m 30s 4m 29s
AbuDhabi Dec 2 C. Leitold 20m 25s 3m 40s 4m 28s
Comment/excuse: Still suffering on my cold so not that bad for Abu Dhabi UBS: if you really offer a special donation for doing more than 100 laps during the season please let me know via and I will try to make the impossible possible with just 2 races remaining
AbuDhabi Dec 2 C. Leitold 28m 17s
80m 46s
5m 05s 4m 29s
AbuDhabi Dec 3 C. Leitold 27m 08s
25m 43s
25m 02s
26m 44s
4m 30s 4m 29s
AbuDhabi Dec 3 A. Harvey 28m 50s 5m 11s 4m 30s
AbuDhabi Dec 4 C. Leitold 26m 54s
28m 48s
4m 50s 4m 30s
America Dec 14 C. Leitold 25m 19s
26m 13s
26m 14s
26m 35s
4m 35s 4m 30s
America Dec 15 C. Leitold 25m 49s
28m 02s
27m 51s
29m 38s
32m 59s
4m 40s 4m 31s
America Dec 16 C. Leitold 20m 05s 3m 38s 4m 29s
Comment/excuse: Even if I can improve tonight by 21 secs I have to say: Congratulations to Daniel to win the 2012 Runners Championship. He really deserves it! Chapeau
America Dec 16 C. Leitold 29m 35s 5m 21s 4m 30s
America Dec 17 A. Harvey 31m 15s 5m 39s 4m 32s
America Dec 17 C. Leitold 19m 44s 3m 34s 4m 31s
Comment/excuse: Bellow 20 mins :-) Congratulations to Daniel to win the 2012 Runners Championship. You/He deserve/s it!!!
America Dec 17 C. Leitold 29m 01s 5m 15s 4m 32s
America Dec 17 M. Pace 28m 47s 5m 13s 4m 32s
America Dec 19 C. Leitold 28m 21s
29m 56s
30m 29s
32m 42s
5m 08s 4m 33s
Brazil Dec 21 C. Leitold 19m 34s
20m 34s
19m 50s
20m 09s
20m 26s
4m 32s 4m 33s
Brazil Dec 21 C. Leitold 20m 19s 4m 42s 4m 33s
Brazil Dec 22 C. Leitold 21m 07s
23m 09s
23m 10s
21m 52s
4m 54s 4m 33s
Brazil Dec 23 C. Leitold 16m 30s 3m 49s 4m 33s
Comment/excuse: Celebrating my 100th lap this year on race track! So I think I can still improve a little bit in the Group Run tomorrow I'm looking forward to
Brazil Dec 24 C. Leitold 16m 01s 3m 43s 4m 32s
Brazil Dec 24 A. Harvey 23m 00s 5m 20s 4m 33s
FanVision's 2011 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Australia Apr 24 C. Leitold 21m 21s 4m 01s 4m 01s
Comment/excuse: Not that bad for the first lap in the season
Australia Apr 25 C. Leitold 23m 44s
26m 20s
26m 21s
4m 28s 4m 15s
Australia Apr 26 C. Leitold 22m 00s 4m 08s 4m 13s
Comment/excuse: Couldn't improve anymoreNice to know you all back this year :-)
Malaysia May 7 C. Leitold 22m 07s 3m 59s 4m 09s
Malaysia May 8 C. Leitold 31m 40s
23m 56s
4m 19s 4m 11s
Comment/excuse: 1st Lap was a smoothly run with Sara. Welcome to and thanks for supporting the charity spotlight
Malaysia May 9 C. Leitold 24m 05s
27m 17s
4m 20s 4m 13s
China May 13 C. Leitold 25m 14s
22m 03s
4m 02s 4m 11s
Comment/excuse: 1st Lap with Simon
China May 14 C. Leitold 26m 21s
21m 30s
3m 56s 4m 09s
China May 16 C. Leitold 20m 33s 3m 46s 4m 07s
Comment/excuse: Nice to see so many people running the track. Thanks to UBS for the charity sponsoring and thanks to Simon organizing everything
Turkey Jun 5 C. Leitold 23m 30s
24m 01s
23m 10s
4m 20s 4m 08s
Comment/excuse: did 3 lapspositiv: good preperationnegativ: cold, wet, windy and old tyres
Turkey Jun 6 C. Leitold 19m 46s 3m 42s 4m 06s
Comment/excuse: new tyres ASICS :-)
Turkey Jun 7 C. Leitold 22m 14s 4m 09s 4m 06s
Spain Jun 20 C. Leitold 39m 20s 8m 26s 4m 26s
Comment/excuse: Celebrating my birthday with Jade on the track --> set my fastest lap ever :-)
Spain Jun 21 C. Leitold 17m 28s 3m 45s 4m 23s
Comment/excuse: First track I couldn't improve compaired to last year, but one day after my birthday I think it's okay :-)
Canada Jul 9 C. Leitold 16m 12s 3m 42s 4m 20s
Canada Jul 10 C. Leitold 19m 24s
18m 45s
20m 49s
24m 11s
4m 17s 4m 20s
Comment/excuse: 4 Laps as preparation for 3 Laps in Belgium
Europe Jul 24 C. Leitold 24m 53s
26m 12s
4m 35s 4m 21s
Europe Jul 25 C. Leitold 20m 02s 3m 41s 4m 19s
Comment/excuse: absolut limit!!!
Britain Aug 9 C. Leitold 22m 30s 3m 49s 4m 17s
Germany Aug 20 C. Leitold 25m 26s 4m 56s 4m 19s
Germany Aug 22 C. Leitold 19m 00s 3m 41s 4m 17s
Hungary Aug 27 C. Leitold 21m 05s
21m 30s
20m 46s
20m 16s
21m 26s
4m 37s 4m 18s
Hungary Aug 28 C. Leitold 18m 15s
18m 04s
20m 01s
20m 53s
22m 41s
4m 07s 4m 18s
Hungary Aug 30 C. Leitold 16m 15s 3m 42s 4m 16s
Singapore Oct 24 C. Leitold 26m 58s
24m 47s
27m 08s
25m 00s
24m 53s
4m 53s 4m 18s
Comment/excuse: After my bad knee injury happy to be back on track, but no fast times for the rest of the season :-(
Japan Nov 6 C. Leitold 25m 38s 4m 24s 4m 18s
Japan Nov 8 C. Leitold 23m 19s 4m 00s 4m 17s
Comment/excuse: Knee looks good tonight! Maybe I'm back for fighting the top 5 in the group run in Brazil!
Korea Nov 13 C. Leitold 27m 22s
28m 12s
4m 52s 4m 19s
Korea Nov 15 C. Leitold 26m 04s 4m 38s 4m 19s
India Nov 29 C. Leitold 24m 18s 4m 44s 4m 20s
AbuDhabi Dec 10 C. Leitold 24m 35s
24m 31s
4m 24s 4m 20s
AbuDhabi Dec 12 C. Leitold 22m 10s 3m 59s 4m 19s
Comment/excuse: Will it be good for points??? Will force Alexandre to fight harder in Brazil :-)
Brazil Dec 23 C. Leitold 19m 30s
20m 46s
22m 06s
4m 31s 4m 20s
Brazil Dec 25 S. Birnie 20m 40s 4m 47s 4m 21s
Brazil Dec 26 P. Costa 35m 06s 8m 08s 4m 27s
Comment/excuse: avoided the heart attack!
Brazil Dec 26 C. Leitold 17m 03s 3m 57s 4m 26s
Comment/excuse: Thanks UBS and gratulation to the guys in front of me!!! Hope to see you once again on track. It was a pleasure and fun :-)
Brazil Dec 26 M. Pace 26m 14s 6m 05s 4m 29s
FanVision's 2010 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Australia Apr 27 C. Leitold 25m 23s
24m 13s
4m 33s 4m 33s
Malaysia May 2 C. Leitold 25m 15s
25m 09s
4m 32s 4m 33s
Malaysia May 3 C. Leitold 22m 13s 4m 00s 4m 22s
China May 15 C. Leitold 21m 32s 3m 57s 4m 15s
China May 16 C. Leitold 21m 32s 3m 57s 4m 12s
China May 17 C. Leitold 20m 45s 3m 48s 4m 08s
Spain Jun 6 C. Leitold 18m 04s 3m 52s 4m 06s
Spain Jun 7 C. Leitold 17m 05s 3m 40s 4m 02s
Monaco Jun 15 C. Leitold 14m 34s 4m 21s 4m 04s