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Total's Public Page
This page contains all the public submissions for Total. The first table shows a brief summary of the activity over the past five RunThatTrack seasons. The tables following that display all of the laps for each individual season for this team.
Total's Summary
Year Submissions Total Laps Avg. Pace Best Pace Season Distance Calories Burnt Donation Raised
2010 21 19 4m 22s 3m 40s 98.37km 6,356.04 $1,900
2011 71 78 4m 11s 3m 28s 414.14km 26,532.54 $7,100
2012 29 30 4m 18s 3m 49s 157.72km 10,155.49 $3,500
2013 20 21 4m 50s 4m 17s 113.92km 7,548.48 $2,000
2014 3 3 5m 29s 5m 13s 16.40km 1,128.44 $300
2015 35 45 4m 47s 4m 18s 244.09km 16,088.94 $3,600
2016 39 48 4m 29s 4m 08s 255.71km 16,599.07 $0
Total 218 244 4m 27s 3m 28s 1,300.36km 84,409.00 $18,400
Total's 2016 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Bahrain Apr 30 B. TERRASSE 27m 00s
26m 00s
4m 48s 4m 48s
Bahrain May 1 B. TERRASSE 26m 00s 4m 48s 4m 48s
Bahrain May 2 B. TERRASSE 25m 00s 4m 37s 4m 44s
China May 13 B. TERRASSE 24m 30s 4m 29s 4m 40s
Russia May 26 B. TERRASSE 27m 30s
30m 00s
4m 41s 4m 41s
Europe Jul 15 B. TERRASSE 28m 30s
27m 00s
25m 50s
4m 18s 4m 37s
Austria Jul 29 B. TERRASSE 23m 00s 5m 19s 4m 43s
Austria Jul 30 B. TERRASSE 20m 00s 4m 37s 4m 42s
Britain Aug 6 B. TERRASSE 26m 00s 4m 24s 4m 40s
Britain Aug 7 B. TERRASSE 25m 30s 4m 19s 4m 38s
Britain Aug 7 O. Langlois 30m 30s 5m 10s 4m 41s
Britain Aug 11 O. Langlois 28m 30s 4m 50s 4m 42s
Hungary Aug 20 B. TERRASSE 18m 30s 4m 13s 4m 39s
Hungary Aug 21 B. TERRASSE 18m 15s 4m 09s 4m 37s
Germany Aug 27 B. TERRASSE 19m 45s
21m 00s
21m 00s
4m 19s 4m 36s
Germany Aug 28 B. TERRASSE 19m 30s
24m 00s
4m 15s 4m 35s
Germany Aug 30 B. TERRASSE 20m 30s 4m 28s 4m 34s
Belgium Sep 24 B. TERRASSE 32m 00s 4m 34s 4m 34s
Belgium Sep 26 B. TERRASSE 32m 30s 4m 38s 4m 34s
Belgium Sep 27 B. TERRASSE 31m 45s 4m 31s 4m 34s
Italy Sep 31 B. TERRASSE 28m 00s 4m 50s 4m 35s
Italy Sep 31 B. TERRASSE 24m 50s 4m 17s 4m 34s
Italy Oct 1 B. TERRASSE 24m 30s 4m 13s 4m 33s
Italy Oct 3 B. TERRASSE 24m 00s 4m 08s 4m 32s
Singapore Oct 14 B. TERRASSE 23m 38s 4m 39s 4m 33s
Singapore Oct 15 B. TERRASSE 22m 43s 4m 28s 4m 32s
Singapore Oct 16 B. TERRASSE 21m 45s 4m 17s 4m 32s
Malaysia Oct 29 B. TERRASSE 23m 30s 4m 14s 4m 31s
Japan Nov 5 B. TERRASSE 24m 58s 4m 17s 4m 31s
Japan Nov 6 B. TERRASSE 24m 50s 4m 16s 4m 30s
Japan Nov 7 B. TERRASSE 25m 30s 4m 23s 4m 30s
America Nov 18 B. TERRASSE 25m 00s 4m 31s 4m 30s
America Nov 19 B. TERRASSE 23m 40s 4m 17s 4m 30s
Mexico Nov 26 B. TERRASSE 19m 30s 4m 24s 4m 29s
Brazil Dec 10 B. TERRASSE 21m 00s
19m 45s
4m 35s 4m 30s
Brazil Dec 10 B. TERRASSE 20m 00s 4m 38s 4m 30s
Brazil Dec 11 B. TERRASSE 19m 20s
22m 00s
4m 29s 4m 30s
AbuDhabi Dec 23 B. TERRASSE 24m 00s 4m 19s 4m 30s
AbuDhabi Dec 25 B. TERRASSE 23m 20s 4m 12s 4m 29s
Total's 2015 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Spain Jun 6 B. TERRASSE 24m 30s
25m 00s
5m 15s 5m 15s
Spain Jun 7 O. Langlois 25m 30s 5m 28s 5m 22s
Spain Jun 7 B. TERRASSE 24m 45s 5m 19s 5m 21s
Spain Jun 9 B. TERRASSE 24m 30s 5m 15s 5m 19s
Austria Jul 18 O. Langlois 23m 10s 5m 21s 5m 20s
Britain Aug 1 A. Joassard 29m 41s 5m 02s 5m 17s
Britain Aug 1 B. TERRASSE 29m 20s
28m 30s
4m 50s 5m 13s
Britain Aug 2 A. Joassard 29m 04s 4m 56s 5m 11s
Britain Aug 2 B. TERRASSE 28m 30s 4m 50s 5m 08s
Britain Aug 3 B. TERRASSE 28m 30s 4m 50s 5m 07s
Britain Aug 3 A. Joassard 27m 34s 4m 40s 5m 04s
Comment/excuse: 5.7K
Britain Aug 4 A. Joassard 27m 53s 4m 44s 5m 02s
Hungary Aug 22 B. TERRASSE 22m 00s
21m 00s
4m 47s 5m 01s
Hungary Aug 24 B. TERRASSE 19m 00s 4m 20s 4m 58s
Belgium Sep 19 B. TERRASSE 32m 30s 4m 38s 4m 57s
Belgium Sep 20 A. Joassard 34m 30s 4m 55s 4m 57s
Belgium Sep 20 B. TERRASSE 37m 00s
33m 00s
4m 42s 4m 56s
Belgium Sep 21 B. TERRASSE 31m 30s 4m 29s 4m 54s
Italy Oct 2 B. TERRASSE 26m 00s 4m 29s 4m 53s
Italy Oct 2 B. TERRASSE 25m 00s 4m 18s 4m 51s
Italy Oct 3 B. TERRASSE 28m 00s
28m 00s
4m 50s 4m 51s
Japan Oct 23 A. Joassard 28m 01s 4m 49s 4m 51s
Japan Oct 23 B. TERRASSE 25m 52s 4m 27s 4m 50s
Japan Oct 25 B. TERRASSE 31m 00s
25m 00s
4m 18s 4m 49s
Russia Nov 6 B. TERRASSE 26m 10s
25m 59s
4m 26s 4m 48s
Russia Nov 8 B. TERRASSE 26m 10s
26m 05s
4m 27s 4m 47s
America Nov 23 A. Joassard 26m 31s 4m 48s 4m 47s
America Nov 23 O. Langlois 30m 00s 5m 26s 4m 48s
Mexico Nov 29 B. TERRASSE 19m 55s 4m 30s 4m 48s
Mexico Nov 29 B. TERRASSE 19m 45s 4m 28s 4m 47s
Mexico Nov 30 A. Joassard 21m 28s 4m 51s 4m 47s
Brazil Dec 11 B. TERRASSE 21m 00s
22m 00s
4m 52s 4m 47s
Brazil Dec 12 A. Joassard 21m 09s 4m 54s 4m 48s
Brazil Dec 12 B. TERRASSE 21m 00s
19m 50s
4m 36s 4m 47s
AbuDhabi Dec 25 A. Joassard 26m 12s 4m 43s 4m 47s
Total's 2014 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Austria Jul 18 O. Langlois 22m 37s 5m 13s 5m 13s
Belgium Sep 23 O. Langlois 41m 30s 5m 55s 5m 34s
Singapore Oct 17 O. Langlois 27m 00s 5m 19s 5m 29s
Total's 2013 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Spain Jun 11 Y. Fargeon 21m 26s 4m 36s 4m 36s
Britain Jul 29 Y. Fargeon 28m 25s 4m 49s 4m 42s
Germany Aug 4 Y. Fargeon 24m 52s 4m 49s 4m 45s
Germany Aug 6 Y. Fargeon 24m 44s 4m 48s 4m 45s
Hungary Aug 24 Y. Fargeon 20m 14s 4m 37s 4m 44s
Hungary Aug 25 Y. Fargeon 20m 03s 4m 34s 4m 42s
Hungary Aug 27 Y. Fargeon 19m 42s
20m 42s
4m 29s 4m 40s
Belgium Sep 21 Y. Fargeon 35m 51s 5m 07s 4m 44s
Belgium Sep 24 Y. Fargeon 32m 04s 4m 34s 4m 43s
Italy Oct 4 O. Langlois 33m 00s 5m 41s 4m 48s
Italy Oct 4 Y. Fargeon 28m 14s 4m 52s 4m 49s
Italy Oct 5 O. Langlois 30m 45s 5m 18s 4m 51s
Singapore Oct 19 Y. Fargeon 23m 01s 4m 32s 4m 50s
Korea Nov 2 O. Langlois 28m 45s 5m 06s 4m 51s
Japan Nov 9 Y. Fargeon 28m 48s 4m 57s 4m 51s
Japan Nov 10 O. Langlois 32m 45s 5m 38s 4m 54s
Japan Nov 11 Y. Fargeon 26m 24s 4m 32s 4m 53s
Japan Nov 12 O. Langlois 29m 59s 5m 09s 4m 54s
India Nov 24 Y. Fargeon 22m 33s 4m 24s 4m 52s
India Nov 26 Y. Fargeon 22m 01s 4m 17s 4m 50s
Total's 2012 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Spain Apr 3 A. Joassard 19m 55s 4m 16s 4m 16s
Italy Apr 5 Y. Fargeon 26m 28s 4m 34s 4m 25s
Spain Apr 12 L. Plancq 17m 56s 3m 51s 4m 13s
Comment/excuse: Nice race with Lotus Guys yesterday ! Can't wait for the next one :)
Australia Apr 17 V. Fournier 21m 05s 3m 58s 4m 10s
Comment/excuse: Just one last race to go for me in Malaysia
Australia Apr 17 L. Plancq 20m 16s 3m 49s 4m 05s
Comment/excuse: First victory in a RunThatTrack Event ! Thanks again for the organization
Australia Apr 17 Y. Fargeon 22m 24s 4m 13s 4m 07s
Malaysia Apr 21 V. Fournier 23m 32s 4m 14s 4m 08s
Comment/excuse: Warm-up lap done way too early during the day
Malaysia Apr 22 L. Plancq 21m 45s 3m 55s 4m 06s
Comment/excuse: Felt good for the two first kilometers
Malaysia Apr 22 Y. Fargeon 26m 40s 4m 48s 4m 11s
Malaysia Apr 24 V. Fournier 22m 33s 4m 04s 4m 10s
Comment/excuse: Still a little bit to early. That could have been in the 21's if I would have run 1h later. Sadly
Spain May 10 Y. Fargeon 21m 53s
21m 32s
4m 37s 4m 13s
China May 14 L. Plancq 21m 03s 3m 51s 4m 11s
Comment/excuse: 2nd Group Run of the year ! Nice fight with Riccardo all the lap
China May 14 Y. Fargeon 21m 57s 4m 01s 4m 10s
Bahrain May 18 Y. Fargeon 23m 31s 4m 20s 4m 11s
Bahrain May 18 L. Plancq 21m 07s 3m 54s 4m 10s
Bahrain May 21 Y. Fargeon 23m 04s 4m 15s 4m 10s
Spain Jun 13 Y. Fargeon 19m 01s 4m 05s 4m 10s
Canada Jul 9 Y. Fargeon 17m 39s 4m 02s 4m 09s
Germany Aug 19 A. Joassard 19m 11s 4m 11s 4m 09s
Hungary Aug 28 Y. Fargeon 18m 31s 4m 13s 4m 10s
Hungary Aug 28 A. Joassard 18m 41s 4m 15s 4m 10s
Belgium Sep 31 Y. Fargeon 36m 03s 5m 08s 4m 12s
Belgium Oct 2 A. Joassard 36m 01s 5m 08s 4m 15s
Italy Oct 5 A. Joassard 26m 37s 4m 35s 4m 16s
Singapore Oct 22 A. Joassard 23m 29s 4m 37s 4m 17s
Japan Nov 6 Y. Fargeon 26m 03s 4m 29s 4m 17s
Korea Nov 10 Y. Fargeon 25m 04s 4m 27s 4m 17s
India Nov 25 A. Joassard 23m 32s 4m 35s 4m 18s
Brazil Dec 25 Y. Fargeon 18m 37s 4m 19s 4m 18s
Total's 2011 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Australia Apr 26 V. Fournier 21m 22s 4m 01s 4m 01s
Comment/excuse: I did not check the times set by other runners until now...I finish with a 21:21.73 that I have to round up at 21'22 !! If I would have known Christoph had set a 21:21 i would have gotten it, damn it !! I dedicate this first lap of the year to Fabrice, who's not gonna be here this season and Simon for this - again - excellent website !! Have a good year running all !!
Australia Apr 26 L. Plancq 21m 29s 4m 03s 4m 02s
Malaysia May 6 L. Plancq 22m 45s 4m 06s 4m 03s
Malaysia May 8 V. Fournier 23m 33s 4m 14s 4m 06s
Comment/excuse: No excuse. I gave my maximum but could not get a good faster. Good conditions though.
Malaysia May 9 V. Fournier 22m 22s 4m 02s 4m 05s
Comment/excuse: Well, I improved 1'11s compared to yesterday and 9s compared to last year. So I can only be happy with that even if again I miss a place for 1 sec !!
China May 13 V. Fournier 21m 14s 3m 53s 4m 03s
Comment/excuse: Just a little bit of training before the group race on Saturday...
China May 13 L. Plancq 21m 31s 3m 56s 4m 02s
China May 14 Y. Fargeon 26m 20s 4m 49s 4m 08s
China May 14 V. Fournier 20m 37s 3m 46s 4m 06s
Comment/excuse: I complained twice already to finish 1 sec behind someone. I feel a little bit better now finishing up 1 sec ahead of someone. Thanks Fabrice for this lap, you taught me last year how to do that. Max heart rate: 194 !!!I reached my personal limit, Ciaron you are safe :)
China May 16 V. Fournier 20m 55s 3m 50s 4m 04s
Comment/excuse: Nice group run, but could not improve my time :( Impossible to keep up with Alexandre, Ciaron, Richard & Christoph today. I need more training, next week-end at the Nice Triathlon :-) thanks again to Mr Morillas for all that !
China May 16 L. Plancq 21m 16s 3m 54s 4m 03s
Turkey Jun 6 V. Fournier 21m 17s 3m 59s 4m 03s
Comment/excuse: Was really pissed at the end as I was convinced Alexandre was in 21.07... But no, at least not until now...I'm sure he will push to get me out of the podium again :) Nice run, nice conditions, but those hills...
Turkey Jun 6 Y. Fargeon 25m 26s 4m 45s 4m 06s
Turkey Jun 7 V. Fournier 20m 49s 3m 53s 4m 05s
Comment/excuse: Tough but good one. Very windy going up turn 8, but managed to keep it up. I caught many people running tonight which helped keeping a good pace.
Spain Jun 18 V. Fournier 18m 10s 3m 54s 4m 04s
Spain Jun 18 Y. Fargeon 21m 09s 4m 32s 4m 06s
Spain Jun 19 V. Fournier 18m 03s 3m 52s 4m 05s
Comment/excuse: 7s faster than yesterday're right Alex, still 7s slower than last year ! I could compensate the second killer hill by a very strong finish (100m in 14s)
Spain Jun 21 V. Fournier 17m 51s 3m 50s 4m 04s
Comment/excuse: Helped by some McLaren boys at the beginning, improved thursday's time by over 10 sec and last year's by 2 sec, but still 9 sec behind Ciaron... Christoph right behind me killed me again...
Spain Jun 21 Y. Fargeon 20m 13s 4m 20s 4m 05s
Monaco Jun 27 V. Fournier 11m 35s 3m 28s 4m 03s
Comment/excuse: Personal best ever. Sure it can be improved with someone else running with me and without this crowd !!
Canada Jul 8 V. Fournier 19m 46s
33m 09s
4m 31s 4m 05s
Comment/excuse: 2 laps, with an extremely painful stitch that I did not manage to get rid off after 2.5k... I still have it now !
Canada Jul 9 V. Fournier 16m 50s 3m 51s 4m 04s
Comment/excuse: It's pretty hot out there !Given the conditions, i'm pretty happy to be already faster than last year...
Canada Jul 10 V. Fournier 16m 30s 3m 47s 4m 03s
Comment/excuse: Found a new fonction on my Garmin that is awesome !! Perfect conditions tonight. Don't think I can go much faster now.
Europe Jul 23 V. Fournier 22m 18s 4m 06s 4m 03s
Comment/excuse: Joder que calor !!! :-)
Europe Jul 25 V. Fournier 21m 16s 3m 55s 4m 03s
Comment/excuse: Blabla hot blabla ... But same conditions for everyone. Nice run at the end. Ciaron, within few races, i'll be there :-)
Britain Aug 6 V. Fournier 23m 48s 4m 02s 4m 03s
Comment/excuse: Baseline for a windy run !
Britain Aug 7 V. Fournier 22m 41s 3m 51s 4m 03s
Comment/excuse: Less windy than yesterday, which gives me a time I'm quite happy with: 1'07 off yesterday , and 0'11 off last year...I just have to repeat that on Saturday for the charity group run !
Britain Aug 8 L. Plancq 24m 14s 4m 06s 4m 03s
Britain Aug 9 V. Fournier 22m 34s 3m 49s 4m 02s
Comment/excuse: Charity Group Run...Thanks to the organisation ! Still a little bit of improvement despite the strong wind from Copse to the end of Hangar straight. The first 3k, trying to follow the fast boys (MKL...) were mad...
Germany Aug 22 V. Fournier 20m 27s 3m 58s 4m 02s
Comment/excuse: Baseline to discover the track
Germany Aug 22 L. Plancq 21m 04s 4m 05s 4m 02s
Hungary Aug 28 L. Plancq 17m 21s 3m 57s 4m 02s
Hungary Aug 30 L. Plancq 16m 51s 3m 50s 4m 02s
Belgium Sep 24 V. Fournier 32m 20s
32m 54s
4m 36s 4m 03s
Comment/excuse: 2 LAPSL1: 32'20L2: 32'54
Belgium Sep 24 L. Plancq 32m 35s
33m 15s
4m 39s 4m 04s
Comment/excuse: 2 Laps : L1 in 32'35 ; L2 in 33'15
Belgium Sep 25 V. Fournier 29m 50s 4m 15s 4m 04s
Comment/excuse: Way too ambitious at the beginning after 2 laps done yesterday. I left the heart belt in its pocket today...Better this way I think !! :)
Belgium Sep 25 Y. Fargeon 37m 19s 5m 19s 4m 06s
Belgium Sep 27 V. Fournier 29m 26s 4m 12s 4m 06s
Comment/excuse: Happy to improve and get one position up. Was tough as my legs did not totally recovered the 3 laps done earlier this week. Most of the effort was made in the last sector.
Belgium Sep 27 L. Plancq 29m 55s 4m 16s 4m 06s
Italy Oct 7 L. Plancq 22m 44s 3m 55s 4m 06s
Singapore Oct 21 V. Fournier 21m 33s 4m 14s 4m 06s
Comment/excuse: Was going for 2 laps, but ended totally finished at the end of the first one. HR very high, body temp in the clouds, and really jetlagged. OK, I'm done looking for excuses :) Definitely gonna try again tomorrow...
Singapore Oct 21 Y. Fargeon 25m 11s 4m 57s 4m 08s
Singapore Oct 22 V. Fournier 19m 30s 3m 50s 4m 07s
Comment/excuse: 3.26 / 3.44 / 4.25 (50m walk) / 4.04 / 3.50 I hate those conditions and still, this run tonight is one of my strongest effort since runthattrack exists !!My reasonable target was Ricardo first, then I saw I could also get Louis, and then thought I could even get Ciaron... 21s short...
Singapore Oct 22 L. Plancq 19m 53s 3m 55s 4m 07s
Singapore Oct 23 V. Fournier 27m 30s
25m 13s
4m 58s 4m 08s
Comment/excuse: 2 laps for charity :) Was a french group run ... Even though we did not push too hard, the end was still a bit difficult !
Singapore Oct 26 V. Fournier 21m 30s 4m 14s 4m 08s
Comment/excuse: Ran at 2am. Was basically to try and beat Ciaron, but I think I might have done too much sport for the last 7 days. I am done here !
Japan Nov 6 V. Fournier 27m 44s
30m 22s
28m 45s
4m 46s 4m 09s
Comment/excuse: Longest distance ever run in my life ! Ran with Romain Grosjean that really helped me to finish !! Aiming for half-marathon in Korea ! Hope this effort won't affect my fast lap on saturday for the group run though...
Japan Nov 8 V. Fournier 21m 48s 3m 45s 4m 08s
Comment/excuse: Amazing group run, and best perf ever for me, trying to follow the big boys ! I have to thank Ciaron for the really big fight we had, especially the sprint of about 750m from the chicane till the start/finish line (740m in 2'21 !!). This effort goes to 2 boys, a big one, Fabrice who is being missed in that kind of event, and my baby boy, who turned 1 yesterday ... Again thank you to Simon as well ;) My story is over now, sorry for the speech !
Japan Nov 8 L. Plancq 23m 18s 4m 00s 4m 08s
Korea Nov 12 V. Fournier 29m 06s 5m 10s 4m 10s
Comment/excuse: Fastest I could go today after a 3-hour soccer game yesterday. My legs are broken!
Korea Nov 12 L. Plancq 22m 02s 3m 55s 4m 09s
Comment/excuse: Unhappy today.. I targeted to be under 22 minutes, I will definitely try again on saturday!
Korea Nov 13 Y. Fargeon 29m 07s 5m 10s 4m 10s
Korea Nov 15 V. Fournier 21m 23s 3m 48s 4m 10s
Comment/excuse: A great thank you to Alex Molina that pulled me through the first 3 kms. Extremely strong wind tonight. That made us lose at least 15-20s. My legs were not in a good shape either, so I am pretty happy with that one. What about a run all together (Louis, Simon, Ciaron, Alex and the big boys) saturday in India ? (write me on if you're in)
Korea Nov 15 Y. Fargeon 26m 08s 4m 38s 4m 11s
India Nov 24 Y. Fargeon 26m 10s 5m 06s 4m 12s
India Nov 26 V. Fournier 19m 43s 3m 50s 4m 11s
Comment/excuse: Was supposed to go for 2 laps, but I was already finished after 2kms so decided to push to have at least a decent flying laptime. Found it hard to breath... Definitely got some seconds in the legs for later !
India Nov 28 V. Fournier 19m 06s 3m 43s 4m 11s
Comment/excuse: Ran at night and enjoyed good conditions. I had in mind my pace at the Group Run in Japan, and tried to set the same pace, much harder on my own, though. I also had Ciaron's time somewhere in my head and needed to improve it consequently to avoid a ripost on saturday... It was a hard lap, but a big reward at the end. I'm now Fabrice's new Padawan !! :)
India Nov 29 V. Fournier 20m 12s 3m 56s 4m 10s
Comment/excuse: Was mainly a run to help Louis to get a fast time, but we were both knackered, and did not get Riccardo today...
India Nov 29 L. Plancq 20m 19s 3m 57s 4m 10s
India Nov 29 Y. Fargeon 23m 36s 4m 36s 4m 11s
AbuDhabi Dec 11 V. Fournier 21m 58s 3m 57s 4m 10s
Comment/excuse: One week without training, a bit sick, and the first 2kms in 7'02 are many excuses to say that tonight was far to be my best run of the year !! Definitely up for another go on Saturday ! Anyone would like to do a small group run around parc ferm? time: contact me at
AbuDhabi Dec 12 V. Fournier 21m 21s 3m 50s 4m 10s
Comment/excuse: Sicker than yesterday, I went running despite many telling me it was dumb to run like this, I wanted to try again and try a good team result with Louis (Total). We ended with 2 not so bad times under 21'30. Hope to be able to recover till next saturday and the Beaujolais Half-Marathon ! :-)
AbuDhabi Dec 12 L. Plancq 21m 29s 3m 52s 4m 10s
Brazil Dec 24 V. Fournier 20m 54s 4m 51s 4m 10s
Comment/excuse: Warm-up lap that already made me suffer at this pace ! Was really hot out there ... I'm still not fully recovered and saturday I might be nowhere :(
Brazil Dec 24 L. Plancq 18m 41s
21m 26s
4m 20s 4m 11s
Comment/excuse: 1st lap : 18'41 ; 2nd lap : 21'26... saving legs for saturday ;)
Brazil Dec 24 Y. Fargeon 21m 59s 5m 06s 4m 11s
Brazil Dec 25 V. Fournier 16m 55s 3m 55s 4m 11s
Comment/excuse: I don't know whether it's cheating, strategic, dumb or really necessary, but I pushed so hard in the fist 2k that I had to walk 20s in the last hill to recharge batteries (of course, during that time, the clock was running....!). The group run might help to compensate those 20s walk...We'll see...
Brazil Dec 25 Y. Fargeon 20m 38s 4m 47s 4m 12s
Brazil Dec 26 V. Fournier 16m 41s 3m 52s 4m 11s
Comment/excuse: Interlagos was my last group run as I'm retiring from F1 next year :( But I'll remember my first kilometer here done in 3'09 and leading MKL, the good fight with Ciaron and Riccardo, and the pain I went through the last 600m... Shame Daniel could not make it ! I am happy to have dragged TOTAL on the podium with my friend Louis. Thanks to all the people that made it possible (Simon & UBS) but as well all the runners with who we fought hard all year long (Ciaron, Louis, Alex, Christoph, Simon...). Wish you a good winter training and be strong in 2012 to put an end to the MKL supremacy !!
Brazil Dec 27 L. Plancq 17m 07s 3m 58s 4m 11s
Brazil Dec 27 Y. Fargeon 19m 20s 4m 29s 4m 11s
Total's 2010 Lap Submissions
Event Date User Lap Times Best Pace YTD Avg. Pace
Bahrain Apr 9 V. Fournier 28m 21s 5m 14s 5m 14s
Bahrain Apr 10 V. Fournier 27m 31s 5m 05s 5m 09s
Bahrain Apr 11 V. Fournier 30m 12s 5m 34s 5m 18s
Bahrain Apr 11 L. Plancq 31m 30s 5m 49s 5m 25s
Australia Apr 23 V. Fournier 21m 46s 4m 06s 5m 09s
Australia Apr 24 V. Fournier 21m 24s 4m 02s 4m 58s
Comment/excuse: Ran together with Fabrice Lom
Australia Apr 25 V. Fournier 21m 36s 4m 04s 4m 50s
Comment/excuse: Ran on my own today, much harder without someone behind to push me. At the end, 12s slower than yesterday, but my heartrate is pretty good, so I'll keep pushing :)
Australia Apr 27 V. Fournier 21m 10s 3m 59s 4m 44s
Malaysia Apr 30 V. Fournier 23m 32s 4m 14s 4m 41s
Comment/excuse: Ran under a massive rain !
Malaysia May 1 V. Fournier 26m 30s 4m 46s 4m 41s
Comment/excuse: This is what we can call an excess of confidence !! Pushed myself way too hard at the beginning, ran at the worst time of the day, and ended up wallking ! I DO NOT like Sepang !
Malaysia May 2 V. Fournier 22m 31s 4m 03s 4m 38s
Comment/excuse: No more for me here !
China May 13 V. Fournier 24m 35s 4m 30s 4m 37s
Comment/excuse: That was just to set a time today, but i'm quite sick at the moment, so the lap was not easy at all !
China May 15 V. Fournier 21m 14s 3m 53s 4m 34s
Comment/excuse: Ran together with Fabrice, at least at the beginning. Couldn't have done this time without him. I could have closed the gap at the end but he pushed too hard for me (still sick !! :)Maybe I'll try again when I get better :)
Spain Jun 5 V. Fournier 18m 14s 3m 55s 4m 31s
Comment/excuse: Was really quick the first 2 kms, but lost everything in turns 8 and 11 !
Spain Jun 6 V. Fournier 17m 56s 3m 51s 4m 28s
Comment/excuse: Faster than the previous day, but not enough obviously :)
Spain Jun 8 V. Fournier 18m 26s 3m 57s 4m 26s
Comment/excuse: Wanted: Personal trainer that can get me below the 3'50/km (Seems to be a psychologic barrier or something !!) ... :-)
Monaco Jun 15 V. Fournier 12m 17s 3m 40s 4m 24s
Comment/excuse: Ran with Ben & Fabrice
Turkey Jun 25 V. Fournier 22m 04s 4m 08s 4m 23s
Comment/excuse: This track is a real rollercoaster !
Turkey Jun 26 V. Fournier 22m 21s 4m 11s 4m 22s
Comment/excuse: Started slower than the first day and ended faster. More careful on all the slopes that are really harshhhhhh. Ran the good way... ;)